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IBJJF Worlds 2015 Tournament Review

IBJJF Worlds 2015 Tournament Review will tell you how, at least the first day, of one of the biggest BJJ tournaments in the world went down in Long Beach. The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation is supposed to be one of the biggest and best tournaments runners on the planet. It attracts competitors from around...


Loser Leaves UFC Matches Set

Loser Leaves UFC matches come around when fighters on losing streaks face off for the right to keep their job. Two matches announced today fit that bill. Loser Leaves UFC: TUF 21 Finale Willie Gates vs. Darrell Montague This is a fight between to Flyweight prospects that have not lived up to their proposed skill...

BJJ Hacks: Garry Tonon on Wrestling To Jiu Jitsu video

BJJ Hacks: Garry Tonon on Wrestling To Jiu Jitsu

Garry Tonon: Combining BJJ & Wrestling for Success BJJ Hacks does it again.  Another killer video. This time with OTM Favorite Garry Tonon. Garry is know for his stylish rash guards mostly but his BJJ is pretty good too. ;)


UFC Fight Announcement Roundup

UFC Fight Announcement roundup will tell you who has now been lined up for big fights in the UFC's Octagon whether they will be on PPV or on a Fox Channel. UFC Fight Announcement: Lightweight Title Fight Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone No one has had to win more than eight straight fights before...


Holly Holm and Eddie Wineland Return to Octagon

Holly Holm and Eddie Wineland are returning to the Octagon and their pursuit of their respective Bantamweight titles. Their fights add depth to their cards. Holly Holm is an interesting matchup for current UFC Women's Bantamweight champion considering that she is undefeated. Also, she is a ver talented combat professional having been a boxer with...


UFC Fight Night 67 Predictions: Condit vs. Alves

UFC Fight Night 67 Predictions will tell you who we think will win all the upcoming big fights this weekend. Do you agree with us or are we wrong? UFC Fight Night 67 Predictions: Main Event Carlos Condit vs. Thiago Alves This is a match fans are salivating at the chance to see between two...

Future Fights UFC 187 MMA

Future Fights UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier

Future Fights UFC 187 will tell you who we think the big winners and losers from this weekend should face off with the next time they head into the Octagon. Future Fights UFC 187: Champions Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones Cormier and Jones separated themselves from the rest of the pack at 205. It all...

MemorialDay-2015 BJJ

25% OFF Everything Plus FREE Shipping Memorial Day Sale

I am really bad at this. I never really know what to put on sale for big holidays like this. Been at it since 1996 and I still stress on it. So... I'm just making it easy on both of us. LOL For our annual Memorial Day Sale... I'm putting the whole shopping cart On...


June Jiu Jitsu Competition Calendar

June 5th-6th THE GOOD FIGHT BROWN/BLACK BELT ALL-STAR INVITATIONAL 5625 O’Donnell St. Baltimore, MD 21224 Sign up Here! NEWBREED ULTIMATE CHALLENGE LAS VEGAS CLASSIC Tarkanian Basketball Academy, 2730 South Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV, 89102 Sign up Here! 2015 GRAPPLERS QUEST U.S. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS AND ALL STAR PRO CHALLENGE 97 Sunfield Avenue Edison, NJ 08837...


UFC 187 Predictions: Johnson vs. Cormier

UFC 187 Predictions will tell you who we think will win the big upcoming fight this weekend. Will you agree or disagree? Let your voice be heard. UFC 187 Predictions: Main Event Anthony Johnson vs. Daniel Cormier This is a big fight but we have to remember Cormier still took this on short notice. He...