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    Nashville MMA
    490 Allied Drive
    Nashville TN 37211
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    Nashville MMA!!! While everyone’s jumping into MMA there’s only one REAL MMA school in Nashville.

    Nashville MMA is the longest running MMA school in Nashville. We currently have 3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt instructors, professional Thai fighter Muay Thai coaches, college all American wrestling instructors, a World Champion boxing coach, an amazing 20,000 square foot facility and of course, the best MMA trainers and fighters in the state. 

    It’s no surprise that people are jumping on the MMA bandwagon and all of a sudden teaching MMA. It’s also no surprise that Karate and Taekwondo schools are starting to call themselves MMA schools when they have absolutely no MMA back ground.

    So what is MMA? As many people would like you to believe it is not traditional martial arts mixed together. It is mainly a blend of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing , and wrestling. Every now and again you can mix in a fancy karate/taekwondo style kick, but only if you know how to fight on the ground. These kicks are very low percentage and you will probably end up on your back if you try it.

    There are many schools teaching BJJ and ground fighting now in Nashville. They are all pretty much garbage. It is a fact we have blue belts who will easily tap out everyone of these so called BJJ instructors. If someone thinks that’s a harsh statement, I w

    ill gladly back it up.We offer classes to kids as young as 5 and adults of all ages. In 2007 both our kids and adult BJJ team were ranked number 5 nationally. We were the highest ranked, non chain school in the country. 

    If you’re looking for a no nonsense, non political, no B.S. MMA schools the look no further. Nashville Mixed Martial Arts is the best…PERIOD!!!





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