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    Sun, 2004-09-05 09:52 — The Mosquito

    For the first time in its story, CBJJ organized the National Jiu Jitsu tournament before the Mundial.

    For the first time in its story, CBJJ organized the National Jiu Jitsu tournament before the Mundial. On the prior years, MUNDIAL(The World JJ Championship) came first on the year, for late, around October or November, the Brasileiro. Besides of this news, the Brasileiro de Jiu Jitsu was shared in 3 weekends. The first weekend(May 15th and 16th) the juvenile fighters and all females fighters. On the following weekend(May 22th and 23th) was the time to the blue and purple belts(adult, master and senior) and on the last weekend of May - the most exciting one - the brown and black-belts. What is common regularly on the Jiu Jitsu events is the absence of a great star in the competition. This time neither Fernando "Tererê", Eduardo Telles, Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz or the Vieira's bothers competed. Sad to say that, but this will be a 'rule'; be in a CBJJ or a CBJJO event, never more we will not see all the great fighters; competing often. The Brasileiro 2004 also displayed the new and strong Jiu Jitsum named Brasa, this team is composed by Vieira's brothers, Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Ronaldo "Jacaré" and the other guns that formed until last tournament, the Master Team. Brasa got second place in the Team results on this Brasileiro, but they did not compete with their all tough fighters and for sure if they did, they would take the team titles from the Gracie Barra hands, that got first with BTT in third place. The brown-belt weight division came with the same story of the last Jiu Jitsu event held in Brazil. The Tererê's cousin and new BJJ phenomenon, Andre Galvao (TT Jiu Jitsu) submitted almost his all opponents in his weigh class(medio) and took the title for his collection. He did not take part of absolute brown belt, that was captured by the American Robert Drisdale(Brasa JJ). This Brasileiro 2004 should be event of a total consecration of Marcelo Garcia (Alliance) when he submitted 6 of his 8 fights. He impressed the crowd and media once again at choke two heaviest and strongest fighters than him in absolute weight class. They were Erik Wanderley (Gracie Barra-BH) and Marcio Corletta(Winner-Behring), two fighters who besides more weight and height than Garcia and already have also MMA experiences. Garcia did not fear them and choked both guys without before to catch their backs. This happened on the Saturday and with these victories he got a place on the final of absolute, on the other hand Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita/Saulo Ribeiro) beat three opponents and also conquered his place on the day-after for what is being named a GREAT absolute final. The Sunday is the best day of competition of Brasileiro and Xande Ribeiro and Marcelo Garcia were the first guys to make their respective final on this day. Garcia had subbed two fights and beaten Cranivata(Gracie Barra-BH) on semifinal of medio. When he stepped up on the mat to face his final opponent, Flavio Serafim (BTT), the TV show that was recording the event ask some minutes to fix a minor problem in one of its cameras. This lasted around 5 minutes and when the referee said, fight, Garcie pulled Serafim to his guard swept and got an armbar in less than 15 seconds of fight. Serafim did not feel the how is to be in a final of a Brasileiro at losing his fight so quick . Xande came after to battle for the highest place on the podium from pesado weight class and he fought against one of the most stronger fighters of Jiu Jitsu nowadays. Jefferson Moura (Gracie Barra) is known such as a fighter who has a extraordinary strength. Xande got to surpass that when Moura pulled him to the guard and Xande took advantage of arriving in half-guard. Moura made an effort to restore the guard, however Xande passed it and got his 3 points. The fight kept like that, without changes and Xande hugged his third title in Brazilian JJ tournaments this year. We could to see Fredson Paixao(Equipe 3) getting his title number 9 in Brasileiros in pena weight-class, this is incredible! Paixao did not have troubles to beat his two opponents that he always fights in JJ events. Gabriel Willcox (Carlson Gracie Team) got to not be submitted this time and only lost by points for Paixao, while Fredson Alves (Gracie Humaita) did not lose by a large score such as the last two time that they fought, Paixao took him down an early on the final of the weight class and did hold this score until the final of the regular time. In my opinion the galo final fight was the most balanced final-fight of whole event. Daniel Otero (Fabricio JJ) faced off the last MUNDIALS champion, Felipe Costa (Brasa JJ) and imposed his will for getting a title in a huge JJ event this year. Otero already had one opportunity of conquering a title this year, when he lost by a pathetic way the semifinal of Golden Cup for Rafael Barros. Otero took a look for his corner during that semifinal and got swept through distraction, ouch! The determination of Otero this time, did not let him to commit the same mistakes and he displayed his toughness at the resisting at the best Costa's game when the fight went to the ground via a pull to the guard by Costa. Otero resisted very well, but seemed to be swept soon; it was when Otero jumped fast from the half guard to the side and then to the mount position. It caught in surprise for Costa, that hopelessly tried to free himself of this trap. The score was 4-0 in Otero's favor and after this quick move, he did stall the fight and Costa swept him. The score was now 4-2 and both guys were a bit gased. Otero had his guard totally closed and Costa did not get to open that. So to not receive negative points, Otero opened the guard and closed afterwards. He kept making that and got the title of this Brasileiro de Jiu Jitsu 2004. In the leve division the Gracie Barra disciple, Roberto Magalhaes got the first place on the podium at the attacking Marcelo Pimentel (Nova Gerasao); since of the beginning until the end of the this final match. Magalhaes seemed to be a machine since he took Pimentel down early on the first minute of the fight, he did not stop on attacking and Pimentel survived to not be submitted on this match. Magalhaes still got more three advantages on this match, by almost passage of guard. But stayed on that and Magalhaes won and convinced that he'll be a tough guy on MUNDIALS2004. Ronaldo "Jacare" did fight on the final of meio pesado, because his teammate Marcel Louzada arrived on the final too, so they shared the first place. "Jacare" schooled his two opponents two arrive on final, the first one with a perfect knee-bar and on the semi-final he throw the master Givanildo Santana (Lotus Clube) twice before to submit him with and armlock. By the other hand, Louzada only had difficult in semi-final against Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaita). They battled such as Judo fighters and Louzada was more efficient on taking Pinheiro down once. The pluma, super-pesado and pesadissimo weight classes finals did not have much emotions such as the other fights. The pluma was the less worst between these three; with the fighter from Clube Pina Team, Carlos Holanda beating Robson Medeiros (PitBull) by referee decision. Holanda fought from the bottom all time, but he did not stop of moving himslef, fitting to shoulder-locks and always working with the guard open. Super pesado and pesadissimo were two stall fights where the winners really deserved his victories, but they won it with weak performances. In super-pesado the famous Roberto Tozzi (BTT) lost to Erick Wanderley by 2-1 in advantages and each one of them received a -1 points due to a lack of action. The new BTT representative Claudio Godoy fought in a weight class over his one - the pesadissimo - and beat Marcos Villela (Gracie Barra) by referee decision. Villela did not take advantage of his size and pulled the fight to the guard. Instead of trying to sweep or work ofr a submission from the bottom, he closed a 'guard-triangle' on the body of Godoy and kept there without do nothing. This was one of most weird strategies that I saw in my JJ reports. By his side Godoy tried to make something and was due to that that he got the final referee decision. Then after some good and bad final matches, the absolute came with Xande and Garcia ready to capture the attention and the title too. When the fight started, Xande pulled Garcia to the guard and bang! Swept him quickly; and then so fast such as the first movement he got the backs of Garcia, the sweep points are not scored and Xande had 4-0 for him. He worked the rear naked choke at trying to put his arm under the Garcia's chin, it did not work and Xande worked good and turned from the backs to the mount position; adding more 4 points in his score. Garcia got to free himself and the fight came back to their feet. Garcia then looked for the redemption, ate try to catch the backs of Xande, however the game-plan of Xande was perfect and without much problems he reigned in his second Jiu Jitsu event this year, at the winning his weight class and absolute. "I studied Garcia during his matches today and I had certain that he would not overwhelm my strategy, I fought perfectly and I got success" stated Xande Garcia still had a smile on his face and told us his thoughts too: -"I had submitted 6 fighters today and I had hope of conquer the absolute, didn't work. But I'm ready to the MUNDIALS 2004" Galo Daniel Otero (Fabricio JJ) over Felipe Costa (Brasa JJ) by 4-2 Pluma Carlos Holanda (Clube Pina) over Robson Medeiros (PitBull Gym) by referee decision Pena Fredson Paixao (Equipe 3) over Fredson Alves (Gracie Humaita) by 2-0 Leve Rodrigo "Bomba" Magalhaes (Gracie Barra) over Marcelo "Pulguinha" Pimentel (Nova Gerasao) by 2-0 Médio Marcelo Garcia (Alliance) over Flavio Serafim (BTT) by armbar Meio-Pesado Ronaldo "Jacaré" and Marcel Louzada from Brasa JJ closed the bracket Pesado Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita/Saulo Ribeiro) over Jefferson Moura (Gracie Barra) by 3-0 Super-Pesado Erik Wanderley (Gracie Barra-BH) over Roberto Tozzi (BTT) by 2-1(advantages) Pesadissimo Claudio Godoy (BTT) over Marcos Villela (Gracie Barra) by referee decision Absoluto Xande Ribeiro over Marcelo Garcia by 8-0

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