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CityBoxing: Judgement Day

    Sun, 2004-09-05 10:36 — Gumby

    CityBoxing Presents: Judgement Day 2 March 13, 2004 San Diego, CA

    CityBoxing is a full-featured gym in San Diego featuring yoga, boxing, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu and is the home of grappling stalwarts Brent Stuchlik, Brandon Vera, and of course Dean Lister. Together they have run several successful in house tournaments that have attracted talent from both the surrounding suburbs and the whole of Southern California and features a lower entry fee, prizes that rival the larger tournaments and round robin action all within a friendly and competitive atmosphere. The CityBoxing tournament had three skill levels and plenty of action throughout the day, including three exhibition kickboxing matches. The day began with a long and thorough explanation of the rules by head referees Brandon Vera and Dean Lister, but it was definitely emphasized that safety and sportsmanship would be the two most important considerations. Two good points were made, one by Brandon who stated that you should never pick up your opponent unless you can be sure of their safety (in other words if you put them in the air it was your obligation to make sure they land safely) an another that "playing by the rules" to get your opponent disqualified would not be tolerated either, and acting jobs, might get you disqualified. (This was in direct response to an infamous action the weekend before from a grappling "superstar" who may go down in infamy as having such an action named after him.) The round robin format guaranteed that everyone got multiple matches in, win lose or draw. This made it an excellent experience especially in the beginners division, where many students made their grappling tournament debuts. The advanced divisions saw a lot of standout action. Ulysses "Useless" Gomez submitted both of his opponents in the under 145 pound division. The under 160 division had Ryan Oropallo taking a stacked division based on the amount of points accumulated, but it also worth noted that Bao Quach went undefeated and provided some of the more action packed matches of the day. An exhausted but jubilant Ryan Gregg returned to action after a long lay off to win the under 175 division, defeating 2nd place finisher Joao Cunha in overtime. The over 200 division was won by Lloyd Marshbanks, who moves incredibly fast for someone who is closer to 280. Lloyd has a very impressive takedown arsenal and most opponents try to avoid standing with him. The definite highlight for me was as Brandon Vera was refereeing an advanced division on the main mat, tempers between two of the competitors flared and they began to get physical with each other in an unsportsmanlike way. Brandon VERY QUICKLY nipped it in the bud, separating the two contestants and when they failed to de-escalate we DQ'd both and threw them off of the mat. As they angrily tried to plead the case he basically would have none of it, and told them he didn't care who started it, if they threw blows they were both in the wrong and he cared too much for the sport to let them tarnish the image of it. I think both competitors were so stunned by Brandon`s quick and decisive action that they both quickly apologized to the tournament and to each other, and the tournament continued without incident. Glad to see someone who took charge and wanted to protect the image of the sport we all love. Brandon was later cracking about being only a purple belt ref, but I think everyone can learn a lesson from him. IS EVERYONE LISTENING? Good. CityBoxing and tournament sponsor Osiris Shoes hooked up the winners of the advanced division BIG TIME, with a prize package that included medals, t-shirts, certificates for shoes and a killer G.Bag Metatron 1050 which doubled as a backpack and a speaker amplified set! Word from Brent is that the CityBoxing tournaments are going to be a more regular occurrence, and that the next one had actually outgrown the gym and will be held in a larger venue, but the cost, format and prizes should remain intact! Hope to see you at the next one! Photos were shot by our good friend Scott Proffitt from Beginner - 130 lbs. & under Place Name School 1 Eder Leon Next Generation 2 Kosei Inomata Southbay JJ 3 Nicholas Trejo IKO Beginner - 131 to 145 lbs. Place Name School 1 Tim Mendoza Cassia JJ 2 Ming Lau none 3 Nic Gonzalez none Beginner - 146 to 160 lbs. Place Name School 1 Jay Hurley (won bracket A) none 2 Jonah Contreras (won bracket B) Team Magnitude 3 Mathew Goss City Boxing Kasey Pinedo Lotus Club Marty Schuster Next Generation Kari Gunnarsson Next Generation Tharith Tan Southbay JJ Traver Boehm Southbay JJ Danny Vargas Lotus Club Feso Alo City Boxing James Hardin City Boxing Beginner - 161 to 175 lbs. Place Name School 1 Matt Hennessey (won bracket A) Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie 2 Lucas Arteyom (won bracket B) Jay Thomas JJ 3 Roy Neeman Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie Matt Doyle City Boxing Wally Trevino Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie Curtis Wilshusen Cobra Kai Kurtis Haygood Southbay JJ David Stallinos Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie David Bremseth City Boxing Ray Kim Lotus Club Brandon Barbosa Southbay JJ Marcus Kovach Full Force Fighting Systems Adam Sylva City Boxing Jason Horton Harris International Juan Luis Miranda City Boxing Don Tittle none Winston Witherow City Boxing David Bollea Cobra Kai Beginner - 176 to 190 lbs. Place Name School 1 Mike Wasser (won bracket A) City Boxing 2 Jason Pessimier (won bracket B) City Boxing 3 Dana Hart Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie Rudy Silva City Boxing Tim Comas City Boxing Benjamin Silva City Boxing Emin Enrique Odo Fight Club Juan Garza City Boxing Jaun Gomez Full Force Fighting Systems Jay Kerwin Solis City Boxing Jeremy Gough City Boxing Robert Chung Roy Harris Daniel Brito City Boxing Grant Gilstrap City Boxing Beginner - 191 to 205 lbs. Place Name School 1 Larry Hoggasan Roy Harris 2 Shane Black Lotus Club 3 Tony Guamatico Lotus Club Joseph Megallanes Full Force Fighting Systems Horacio Alvarez Odo Fight Club Rusty Thomas City Boxing Intermediate - 145 lbs. & under Place Name School 1 Shannon Gugerty City Boxing 2 Albert Rios Southbay JJ 3 Lonnie Wright DeCamargo JJ Araiza Roberto Proving Ground Gil Jubran Lotus Club Jeremiah Yecas none Intermediate - 146 to 160 lbs. Place Name School 1 Edwin Grubbs 10th Planet 2 Eric Konkel City Boxing 3 Lance Stephens City Boxing Zak Knutson Odo Fight Club Rolando Perez City Boxing PJ Raagas Roy Harris Intermediate - 161 to 175 lbs. Place Name School 1 Paul Thomas BJJ Revolution 2 Miguel Torre City Boxing 3 Stephen Cohen City Boxing Intermediate - 176 to 190 lbs. Place Name School 1 Ryan Bengaud Lotus Club 2 Chris Ruiz City Boxing 3 Ben Weinstein Southbay JJ Ed Miller Southbay JJ Ed Hard Roy Harris Intermediate - 200 lbs. & up Place Name School 1 Tim Persey Lotus Club 2 David McKinnon Roy Harris 3 Jaun Rasmussen Southbay JJ Frank Salgado City Boxing Jay Thomas Jay Thomas Advanced - 131 to 145 lbs. Place Name School 1 Ulysses "Useless" Gomez Cobra Kai 2 Moses Delfin Team Magnitude 3 George Sutherland City Boxing Advanced - 146 to 160 lbs. Place Name School 1 Ryan Oropallo City Boxing 2 Bao Quach Lotus Club 3 Ronnie Major City Boxing Shawn Major City Boxing Zachary Taylor Bull Pen David Son RCJ Machado Olaf Alfonso Olaf Alfredo Barum Rodrigo Mediros Advanced - 161 to 175 lbs. Place Name School 1 Ryan Gregg Southbay JJ 2 Joao Cunha Joao Cunha / Ralph Gracie 3 Greg McIntyre City Boxing Eddie Martinez Southbay JJ Steve Gable Roy Harris Josh Delfin Team Magnitude Cucas Barum none Matt Taira City Boxing Daniel (Coyote) Ralph Gracie Advanced - 176 to 190 lbs. Place Name School 1 Raul Arvizu City Boxing 2 Harris Brummer City Boxing 3 Don Delfin Team Magnitude Advanced - 200 lbs. & up Place Name School 1 Lloyd Marshbanks Team Magnitude 2 Leo Santos Rodrigo Medeiros 3 Lionel Halsey Team Magnitude Brady Fink Lotus Club Joe Bergman Southbay JJ Open Weight Division Place Name School 1 Leo Santos Rodrigo Medeiros 2 Llyod Marshbanks Team Magnitude Jason Pessimier City Boxing Jimmy Sanchez City Boxing Harris Brummer City Boxing


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    Hey Gumby there used to be a video of this..still ahve somewheres?

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