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International GrappleFest 2005 fights to raise funds for Katrina victims!

    Mon, 2005-09-12 17:44 — Anthony Huss

    Hello All Grapplers,

    Attention anyone planning on attending the Sept 17-18

    The pre-registration date has been extended to this
    Wed Sept 14th at Midnight. I will be away from the
    computer after that in order to do the set-up.

    Please do not wait till the last second to sign up!!

    Pre-registration is only $40, if you wait till the
    last second to sign-up it will be $60.

    Spectator tickets are $10 a day, children under 5 are
    free. The concerts and car show do not cost extra.

    Cabins onsight are still available. Cost is $15 per
    bed/per night. Available Fri/Sat/Sun. These are
    filling up fast. Bring your own linen.

    The Champion's Banquet is on Sat. night after the
    competition is over. This is a double entree catered
    dinner in the Dinning Hall next to the main field.
    Cost is $10 for person. Yum.

    All entries, tickets, cabins, and meals can be bought
    in advance on line. Please do not wait till the last
    second, as this may cause a late start time. Or in
    the case of food and a bed, you won't get either.

    To pay got to:
    To Reg go to:

    Teams wishing to enter the Martial Arts Olympics, aka
    "The Gauntlet" should email me list of ALL 5 members
    names, and the team's elected name.

    Need Volunteers. Those wishing to volunteer as staff
    or refs please contact me.

    Kindly RSVP when you get this.
    Anthony Huss

    Event details:

    The International GrappleFest 2005.
    It's a sporting event with a twist.
    But since the tragedy of Katrina, we've decided to
    donate to this cause.

    Please attend to help out a worthy cause.
    Martial Artists and well as Musical Artists both will
    be turning out in force to support this event.

    We at Huss Hybrid Combat College and the C.A.D.R.E.
    Association send our support and prayers out to all
    the victims, rescue, and relief workers in the
    southern coast disaster area.

    The International GrappleFest 2005 is slated for Sept
    17-18 in Richmond, Va. In the spirit of helping those
    in need we have decided to donate a large portion of
    the proceeds to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Please attend to help out a worthy cause. Martial
    Artists and well as Musical Artists both will be
    turning out in force to support this event.

    In addition to our plan to hold a fundraiser for the
    Team Reach program for at risk youth, this month's
    International Grapplefest 2005, the C.A.D.R.E.
    Association will donate more than 50% of this
    weekend's proceeds dircetly to the disaster relief
    efforts. 25% will go to Team Reach. The remaining
    portion will go to various worth causes.

    Please do all you can for your fellow Americans at
    this time. You can make donations to: Americares at -

    International GrappleFest 2005

    "Come for the competition, stay for the fun!"

    Sept 17-18th, 2005 is the date for the annual
    GrappleFest competition. This year's event will be an
    OUTDOOR martial arts festival that will blow your
    mind! A completely original concept. All levels and
    ages are welcome. A festival themed around intense
    Grappling competition and other martial arts, with
    something for everyone. If you enjoy,.....
    * live music,
    * one low price for ALL the Grappling matches you can
    * conveniently located in the heart of Virginia,
    * beautiful surroundings,
    * the highly competitive "Tap Factor" format,
    * FREE multiple entries,
    * the innovative "The Gauntlet" Martial Arts Olympics,
    * Champion's Banquet,
    * inexpensive overnight accommodations onsight,
    * more styles of Grappling available than any other
    event in the World,
    * something for everyone,
    * and an awesome atmosphere!
    .......then this year's will be on your "TO DO LIST"!
    Spectators are welcome too! It is a lot of fun to
    watch, plus we could use our own cheerleading section.
    We are out to show that Martial Arts are something the
    whole family can enjoy. There will be something for

    This year's GrappleFest will feature a wide variety of
    martial arts competitions for ALL conceivable forms of
    Grappling: Submission Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu, Folkstyle
    Wrestling, Judo, Scottish Highland Wrestling, Sambo,
    Cuff'N'Stuff etc.

    International GrappleFest 2005 will host:

    "TAP FACTOR" 1st Annual Championships Tournament:
    Pure Grappling across a wide spectrum of styles. The
    division Champions will be awarded with their
    well-earned titles, trophy, Pro divisions receive a
    belt, and a big surprise(sorry folks, I want to keep
    THIS part under wraps until the day of.)

    Martial Artist Team Olympics "The GAUNTLET":
    Unlike anything you've ever seen! Compete and win
    prizes! TEAM competition only, your 5 member team will
    go against teams representing other schools, states,
    and countries in a series of grueling events.
    Challenging your team across the board in a variety of
    areas; speed, strength, stamina, skill, teamwork,
    fighting spirit, get the picture.

    Putting your skills to the test in a way
    that's,....Outside the Box! Tug-Of-War, Climbing Wall,
    4-Way Joust, Obstacle Course, and many more. FREE to
    competitors. Can your team "Run the Gauntlet?"

    There will also be a banquet Saturday night after the
    competition is over. All Champion's will have reserved
    seats at the head of the long-table. Wine, Dine, and
    make Merry.... Following the banquet there will be
    more live music performances at the main pavilion.
    This is optional and is a separate cost of $10.

    "Battle of the Bands":
    The participating groups will play on Sat, Sun, or
    both. Best Band will receive award based on audience
    votes(screams). This event will receive exposure from
    local and national media.

    Schedule and the openings for musical performances:
    Sat: Sept 17
    Opening ceremonies-10am Between competition throughout
    day till 8pm.
    Champion's Banquet, dining hall
    >From 9pm-12pm, MIDNIGHT JAM session

    Sun: Sept 18
    Opening ceremonies-10am Between competition throughout
    day till 5pm
    Closing Ceremonies, around 6pm.
    Evening concert to be added, end time yet to be

    Over a dozen bands will be turning out to cheer on the
    fighters that weekend. PLUS, special performances from
    celebrity bands!

    Cabins and accommodations for +500!
    There will be cabins available for those wishing to
    come early. Competitors get first choice! Come early
    Friday, weigh-in first, pig out, and then retire to
    your cabin to rest up for Saturday's challenges. And
    again for Sunday's line-up of events.

    We all know what happens when we go to competitions as
    a team. Four guys get an $70 hotel room, split it 4
    ways, then fight over who gets the bed and the floor.
    At the GrappleFest 2005 site everyone gets their own
    bed for $15 per night.

    Custom Car Show:
    Winners by division. Trophies and titles given to the
    best. Domestics, Imports, Bikes, Bolt-ons, Naturally
    Forced Induction, etc. ALL WELCOME! Entry fee is only


    Sponsored by:
    SOBE beverage company
    Huss Hybrid Combat College
    Capitol Cup
    Trophies Forever
    Combat College
    Fast Ride Motor Sports
    House of Pain
    C&S Rapid Copies
    Carolina Cup
    Attention potential vendors: Booths are 10'x10'. For
    booths or sponsorship opportunities contact us at
    704-300-6253. Regards, Anthony Huss 704-300-6253 www.Grappler.Us

    Directions To GrappleFest 2005:
    In 2005 the venue will be located at a private
    campground outside of Richmond. For directions go to:

    Anthony Huss

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