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Joe Stevenson Interview

    Thu, 2007-04-12 09:35 — Marlene Castaneda

    Joe “Daddy” Stevenson Interview
    March 6, 2007

    Marlene: When you found you were fighting Melvin how did you feel about that?

    Joe: I was excited, I have to have a reason to fight someone, he got out early and I had to prove myself and the show and just because he got out early doesn’t mean anything.

    Marlene: What did you focus on in training for this fight?

    Joe: My striking, worked my defense my head movement my foot work and chin down, when you fight an explosive athlete like that you have to be, he’s very explosive he’s very dangerous I respected him and was able to capitalize.

    Marlene: What did you find was a big weakness in Melvin’s fight game, besides the obvious allowance of his neck so early on in the match?

    Joe: Maybe his head wasn’t all the way maybe he was so emotionally involved, maybe not thinking clearly and I took the shot and that will happen, you have to have everything in order mentally.

    Marlene:You were confident to know you were going win the fight, how surprised were you to know that that the match ended so early?

    Joe: I thought it was going be more action packed, you have to take what it gives yah and he gave me his neck. I was excited about the way it went I was training very hard to have an easy fight and the that’s the toughest part about this, it’s the training.

    Marlene: Where have you been training since you left the TUF competition?

    Joe: With my boxing coach at UrbanBounds and Cobra Kai in Las Vegas, Marc Laimon is the best JJ Coach in the world. What up Cobra Kai!

    Marlene: What’s next for you in the up coming months?

    Joe: I have the number one contender sport and I plan on defending it, and It’ll be six months before I can get that shot, so we’ll see who can take me on

    Marlene: Any particular fighter you have your eyes on?

    Joe: MATT SERRA!

    Marlene: You calling him out:

    Joe: Yes, yes I am. I would like to fight him in three months!

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