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King of the Cage 23

    Sun, 2004-09-05 18:02 — Scott Proffitt

    King of the Cage 23

    1: Dave Rivas x Bobby "The Pit bull" Gamboa Gamboa: Unanimous Decision Round 3 Dave tried to get this to the mat immediately with a double leg but wasn't able to as Bobby sprawled and stood it back up. Bobby countered with a right but Dave closed the distance and got Bobby to the ground with an inside trip. Bobby back up but Dave catches him with a kick to the head for his trouble. Bobby decided to mix it up a bit and threw some nice combinations that put Dave on the defense for a bit. Bobby gets a double leg a bit later in the round and ground a pounds and then stands up. Dave threw a kick to the body but as he did that Bobby shot him with a right to the chin. Dave got a double leg at the end of the first round pounded on him for a bit then stood back up. In the second round Bobby looked to be the fresher of the two but to my surprise Dave knocks Bobby to the mat with a hard right hook. I thought it was over but Bobby had other ideas as he got back to guard at two minutes into the round the fight was stood back up due to lack of action. Bobby gets the takedown this time with the double leg. But were stood up due to lack of action again. They were both pretty tired and were putting forth a great effort throughout the entire fight. Round three and Dave came out a bit harder this time and got Bobby against the fence trying for a KO he was able to get the better of the exchanges here. Dave gets a double leg and puts Bobby against the fence he does a bit of GnP and then stands up. I was thinking he would keep it down but I WAS WRONG! Bobby gets taken down again and Dave tries to finish it but to no avail and in the end Bobby gets the win. Yes Bobby got the win! 2: Brent Stevens x Brian Pardoe Pardoe: Rear Naked Choke 1:56 Round 1 Brian get an ankle pick and puts it on the ground where he is able to maneuver he is able to take his back but Brent wasn't about to let it end there and he stood up shook off Brian and stood up. Brian shot for a double leg and pushed it against the fence, Brian was able to get Brent to spin to his knees and he took his back and got a rear naked choke for the win. 3: Diego Sanchez x Mike Guymon Sanchez: Armbar 4:57 Round 1 Diego got Mike to the ground and Mike was taking some shots as he tried for a kneebar but missed it. It looked like Mike was throwing some shots from the guard and at one point he tried for a sweep but Diego kept his base and pushed Mike down with a couple of hard shots. Diego was trying to work from Mikes guard when he got swept and Mike almost kept it but Diego rolled to escape and he got to side control where he was starting to work Mike with heavy shots and Mike turned to his knees to escape the shots and that was when Diego got an armbar for the win. Mike "The Joker" Guyman kept his knick name as they were walking out of the cage Mike ran up behind Diego and acted like he was going to punch him in the back of the head! Trust me it was funny, you just had to be there! 4: Joe Crilly x Art Santore Santore: TKO 4:45 Round 1 Art Santore is one of those guys that is a bit reckless in the cage. He always kept his hands down as if to call Joe in to punch him. Art gets the single leg but he took some punishment getting it. On the ground Art went to take Joe's back as he turned but he was to high on the back and missed it. Joe stood up and it was a chaotic mess of arms and hands as they tried to KO each other on the stand up. Joe put Art on his back but this wasn't a good thing as Art worked a triangle, which took a ton of energy from him. Joe was taken down again with a single leg and Art started to work over Joe and when Joe turned over Art got his back tried to choke him but Joe defended so Art changed it up and just started slamming his fists into Joe's head and made the ref stop the match. 5: Thomas Denny x Joe "Wonder Boy" Stevenson Stevenson: Guillotine Choke 0:31 Round 1 This fight ended before anyone could see what happened. Thomas shot in to take Joe down and got caught in a guillotine choke the end right? Well maybe and maybe not. Joe said it was a tight ass guillotine and Thomas told me, and showed me, after the fight, that his tongue was caught between his new mouthpiece and his bottom teeth. He said it was tap or bite off his tongue. Believe who you will and maybe we can have a rematch later on! 6: Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun x Shonie "Mister International" Carter Jhun for the KOTC World Welterweight Championship Title: Unanimous Decision Round 5 This was a tough fight for both guys. It was five rounds and they fought the entire five rounds. Round one started off with Jhun jabbing Shonie and Shonie taking Jhun to the ground. Jhun was working from the guard using upper shots with his elbow elbows and then was able to sweep Shonie over and was in Shonie's guard. Jhun worked here most of the round and when they stood up Jhun caught Shonie with a left that had Shonie bleeding and that ended round 1. Round 2 you saw mostly the same as round 1 except Shonie started off with some high kicks and then low kicks Jhun! Never on purpose as Shonie is one of the classiest guys in MMA. He stepped back and let Jhun recover immediately after he saw what had happened. Jhun recovered and Shonie came at him with some combos. At about 2 minutes into the round Shonie had taken Jhun down and Jhun was throwing some elbow and punches from the bottom but Shonie defended and he tried for a couple submissions. Round three they Jhun was able to get Shonie down with a nice double leg where he picked him up and slammed him to the mat. Shonie kept it tight and waited for a stand up, which he got then, got taken down again with a single leg. Jhun really tried to keep this on the ground where he felt comfortable but Shonie wanted it standing or so I thought! Shonie caught Jhun in a kimura and when he escaped it Shonie picked up Jhun slammed him to the mat but in the reversal Jhun landed mounted on Schonie. Everyone was screaming in the place and I could barely hear what I was saying in the mic! Shonie got him back in half guard but Jhun was able to get back to the mount where Shonie reversed it and left his back open for Jhun to start laying in some heavy blows. Shonie stands up and pushed Jhun against the cage where the round ended. Round four was more or less a shadow of the first three with one exception! Shonie caught Jhun in a Kimura, which Jhun had to defend for almost 3 minutes! Jhun defended escaped, but Shonie put him over where he was able to establish side control. When it was stood up Shonie was the one on the attack and that ended that round. Round five was the endurance round where they were both put to their physical limits. Shonie was striking a bit more and when Jhun clinched with him knees is what Shonie used to keep him off balance but eventually Jhun got a double leg and Shonie got the Kimura again. Jhun had to defend again but this time not as long. Jhun was actually able to move himself into the mount and rain some punches down but he was being cautious this time as to not let himself get rolled. Shonie did eventually escape and stand up but not with enough time left and Jhun wins the belt! 7: Jeremy Horn x Vernon "Tiger" White Horn for the KOTC World Lt. Heavyweight Championship Title: Unanimous Decision Round 5 This was another long battle that people are still talking about! Jeremy went for a single leg Vernon defended so he went for a double leg picks him up and slams him to the mat! Vernon turned and Jeremy took his back. He sunk in one hook but wasn't able to sink in the other. Vernon tries to turn but wasn't able to do so. Jeremy lands some blows, which Vernon defends. Vernon tried a Kimura ala Sakuraba but Jeremy defends that. Jeremy gets his back again and in the final minute he is still on Vernon's back and throwing some heavy blows down into his back. Vernon Catches Horn with a right that I thought put Horn to the mat but he went for a single leg instead and took him to the ground and at the 10 second mark horn was looking to take his back but Vernon stands and spins and knees Horn in the stomach. Round 2 Vernon comes out with a right kick to the midsection and then a left and then he does a backspin kick. The last really didn't connect but it made Jeremy back up a bit. Jeremy gets a single leg and Vernon went for a Kimura and some how Vernon works his way back up and is up against the cage with Horn kneeing his thigh. Jeremy did get a double leg and Vernon got a reversal and had Horn working from his back. Now horn went for a heel hook and Vernon defended but it opened it up for Horn to stand back up. Vernon was throwing some left and rights that had Horn back peddling Horn ducked under and got an inside trip that put Vernon back on the ground. Vernon was working the open guard when he rolled and Horn took his back but that was the end of the round. Round three was kind of weird as Vernon came out kicking and Horn came out defended and he pushed Vernon against the cage where he got a take down. Vernon did try to get a neck crank on the way down but Horn defended and Vernon had to work his way back up the cage to stand up. Horn got a hard right but to me it looked like Vernon didn't feel it. Horn does get a single leg but the ref stands them up later due to inactivity this is where when the ref steps aside Vernon runs and doses a flying knee that just glanced off Horns head. At the end of round three Horn and Vernon were up against the cage Round four Vernon stated to work Horn a bit on the stand up and Horn caught Vernon with a left hook that sounded like it hurt. (I heard it on my recorder.) Then Horn took him down again and Vernon turned over again and was turtled up and had Horn throwing lefts into his ribs. Horn worked to take his back and but Vernon was able to escape and on the stand up Horn got another single leg but was stood back up. On the stand up Vernon threw a couple high kicks but Horn defended them and was able to pull Vernon to butterfly guard. It didn't stay long cause Vernon stood back up and Horn had to get him back to the mat and did so with a single leg. Ref stood them up due to inactivity but right after they had a nice exchange and Horn shot in a took Vernon down again. Vernon tried to get it to the mat but wasn't really able to keep him there. Round five was just all guts for both these guys. Horn came out with a high kick and left hook the just missed. Horn gets Vernon down and he was trying to mount but he was down on Vernon's shins and was working towards the mount. Vernon turned over and Horn was behind him but again Vernon stood up! On the separation Horn shot in for the double leg and had to work hard to get it but did and wound up half guard. Ref had to stand them up again and Vernon threw the lefts and rights that forced Horn to shot for a double leg and when it hit the mat it actually looked like Vernon was going to go for an armbar. Horn saw that and pulled away and Vernon turned his back to Horn who got his hooks in and was throwing some soft lefts and rights to the body. (Soft cause they were both so flippin tired.) So Horn won the match on a Unanimous decision. 8: Cory Timmerman x Dan Severn Severn Unanimous Decision Round 3 I didn't know who Cory Timmerman was but in the first 20 seconds I thought he was going to be the winner due to a nice right that set Dan on his butt. I was wrong from every point as this fight went for three rounds but I didn't. I ended up leaving due to a phone call and missed the fight Dan won the fight on a unanimous decision. (Sorry guys) 9: Dan Christison x Eric Pele Pele for the KOTC World Super-Heavyweight Championship Title: TKO 4:50 Round 1 The final fight of the night was for the big guys and Eric showed again why people shouldn't really stand with him. Dan however in the beginning was being aggressive and pushed Pele against the fence but Pele threw a knee and a right that caught Dan but Dan recovered and pushed Pele against the fence. Dan tried to keep the big guy there and was working the knees. Ref breaks them up and they start exchanging some heavy blows when Dan pushes Pele against the fence again and starts to work the knees in the Pele's thigh's they weren't real hard by the look on Pele's face. The ref had to break them up again and Dan tried put it against the fence when he gets a right cross that stops the fight and give Pele and win by KO at the 4:50 mark. So there ya have it and sorry to took so long!

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