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Music City Grappling Tournament

    Sun, 2004-09-05 18:35 — Gumby

    Another tournament in Nashville, and loyal readers to OntheMat know what that means!

    Another tournament in Nashville, and loyal readers to OntheMat know what that means! Why yes, it`s time for another half dozen trips to the local Hooters with the unofficial mayor of Hootersville himself, Ed Clay! In actuality this trip to Nashville was a little more somber than usual, as the passing of music legend Johnny Cash dominated most headlines and conversations around town. No, he didn`t really shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die, but he knew songs could very well be the soundtrack to the life of a fighter. The Music City Tournament is a two day event, with a gi division on the first day and submission grappling on the next, and attract a little shy of 200 competitors from all over the South East and the conjoining areas. The skill level of the area has definitely rises from each event, This due to both the natural progression of the home grown talent and because of the migration of highly qualified instructors to an area eager for instruction. The gi competition saw a rather robust field of purple belts step on the mat, and a number of blue and white belt competitors. There were many stand out performances in the field, most notable were the Cophers, Eamon at the age of 17 taking third in the purple belt division, and young Jamie displaying a skill level that will mark her as a dominant force in the women`s field in the very near future. The submission grappling tournament and the lure of prize money in the under 190 and over 190 divisions lured a number of game competitors, including a number of black and brown belts, and internationally known competitors. Because these divisions were open to everyone however, many intermediate and even novice competitors stepped up to try their skills. The under 190 drew out a number of high level competitors including Junior Assuncao, Steve Headden, Ruy Nakajima, Alex Crispim and Pablo Popovitch vied among a field of 17 competitors for the top prize. After an afternoon of exciting action, the finals saw Pablo Popovitch defeat Alex Crispim via key lock. Although happy with his victory, Pablo later confided a desire to seek out new challenge in heavier weight division (Pablo is already among the most improbably proportioned competitors in the sport today). The over 190 had a smaller pool of grapplers, but was highlighted by Barra Black Belt Daniel "Montanha" Hicks and ADCC champion Jeff Monson. Alex Crispim, at barely over 150 pounds entered this division as well! The always smiling Crispim declared it was his dream to face Jeff Monson in competition, but didn`t realize his goal when he was eliminated in the first round. Montanha and Monson seemingly breezed through their competition en route to facing each other in the finals. In a titanic and exciting battle between the two Monson secured a close victory to capture the over 190 title. It was a great two days of grappling as always punctuated by both a high skill level and southern hospitality, the Music City Grappling Championship remains a favorite weekend experience. Much thanks to the Clay family for hosting the event, and props to,, and who have done much to support the sport both in the SouthEast and around the globe. I`m already looking forward to a the next tourmament, a glass of sweet tea, and yes a visit to Hooter`s. ABSOLUTE WINNERS: 189 and Under: Pablo Popovitch - American Top Team 189 and Up: Jeff Monson - American Top Team GI Division: Team Results: 1st Place - Nashville Mixed Martial Arts 2nd Place - McVicker's - IL 3rd Place - Padro Sauer - KY Children Under 10: 1st Place - Nolan VanHook (Padro Sauer) 2nd Place - Brandon Pledger (Padro Sauer) 3rd Place - Mathew McLendon (Joey Perry) Children 10-13 years: 1st Place - Andrew Uria (Alliance) 2nd Place - Elia McNamara (Joe Perry) 3rd Place - Ashley Nance (Chappell's) Teens - White Belt 1st Place - Russel Janca (Pedro Sauer) 2nd Place - Micah Haddix (Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place - Robert Copher (Alliance) Womens: 1st Place - Jamie Copher (Alliance) 2nd Place - Laura Uria (Alliance) 3rd Place - Jeanie Galloway (Myer's Dojo) White Belt: Under 150 - 1st Place - Michael Traxel (Team Ram), 2nd Place - David Reed (Nashville MMA), 3rd Place - Cody Fulkerson (Myers Dojo), 150.1-163 - 1st Place - Paul Statler (Gracie Barra), 2nd Place - Jason Isabel (Junior BJJ), 3rd Place - Dominic Skwarnicki (McVicker's) 163.1-175 - 1st Place - Ryan VanGorp (Rising Phoenix), 2nd Place - William Banks, (Pedro Sauer), 3rd Place - Celio Latorre (Junior BJJ) 175.1-187 - 1st Place - Jonathan Jackson (Rising Phoenix) 1st Place - Steve Davies (Rising Phoenix) 3rd Place - Matthew Ridley (Southern BJJ) 187.1-205 - 1st Place - Marcus Spallek (Nashville MMA), 2nd Place - Doug Frazier (Nashville MMA), 3rd Place - Shawn Rueffer (Gracie Barra) 205.1-215 1st Place - Scott Hulette (Four Seasons), 2nd Place - Scott Olsen (McVicker's) 3rd Place - Patrick Henry (Nashville MMA), 3rd Place - Blake Weese (Nashville MMA) 215 and up - 1st Place - David Hewitt (Cookville BJJ), 2nd Place - Shawn Goins (Nashille MMA), 3rd Place - Tim Vanderstek (Nashville MMA) White Belt Absolute: - 1st Place - Marc Spallek (Nashville MMA), 2nd Place - Scott Olsen (McVicker's), 3rd Place - Steve Davies (Rising Phoenix) Blue Belt Division: Under 150 - 1st Place - Eric Bajalais (Team Curran), 2nd Place - Dustin Beeson (Southern BJJ), 3rd Place - Jeff Hooten (Memphis BJJ) 151.1-163 - 1st Place - Ian McPherson (Alliance) 2nd Place - Jimmy Salamance (McVicker's) 3rd Place - Kyle Watson (McVicker's) 163.1-175 - 1st Place - Jamie Toney (George Gurgel) 2nd Place - Estevan Chaves (Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place - Eric Myers (Myers Dojo) 175.1-187 - 1st Place - Bob Johnson (McVicker's) 2nd Place - Eric Myers (Myers Dojo) 187.1-205 = 1st Place - Cliff Fonseca (Nashville MMA), 2nd Place - Stephen Long (American Top Team), 3rd Place - Bob Johnson (McVicker's), 3rd Place - Jeff Serafin (McVicker's) 205.1-215 - 1st Place - Chris Yeley (McVicker's) 2nd Place - Steve Potts (American Top Team) Blue Belt Absolute: 1st Place - Cliff Fonseca (Nashville MMA), 2nd Place - Chris Yeley (McVicker's), 3rd Place - Kyle Watson (McVicker's) Purple Belt - Under 190: 1st Place - Joe Gingery (Memphis JJ) 2nd Place - Chris Moriarty (Alliance) 3rd Place - Alan Manganello (Pedro Sauer) Purple Belt - Over 190: 1st Place - Jonahan Menke (Vaghi) 2nd Place - Mark Wallen ((Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place - Eamon Copher (Alliance) NO GI WINNERS: Childrens Division: 1st Place - Matt 2nd Place - Nolan 3rd Place - Brittany Women's Division: 1st Place - Tonja Ivanovick (LA Boxing) 2nd Place - Laura Uria (Alliance) 3rd Place - Heather Lynch (LA Boxing) ABSOLUTE WOMEN'S DIVISION: 1st Place - Peggy Brook (Pro Gym) 2nd Place - Jeannie Galloway (Myer's dojo) 3rd Place - Laura Uria (Alliance) Men's Beginner Division Umder 150: 1st Place - Cliff Fretwell (LA Boxing) 2nd Place - Phillip Peterson (Independant) 3rd Place - David Reed (Nashville MMA) 150.1-163: 1st Place - Dustin Hazelett (George Gurgel) 2nd Place - James Biggs (Nashville MMA) 3rd Place - Mark Facunla (Nashville MMA) 163.1-175: 1st Place - Ryan VanGorp (Gracie Barra) 2nd Place - Jamie Toney (George Gurgel) 3rd Place - Paul Marsh (Nashville MMA) 175.1-187: 1st Place - Jeremy Baker (Murray) 2nd Place - Ernie Ware (Blalock) 3rd Place - Steve Davies (Rising Phoenix) 187.1-205: 1st Place - Marcus Spallek (Nashville MMA) 2nd Place - Shawn Reufer (Gracie Barra) 3rd Place - Tom Masterson (Team Pitt) 215 and Up: 1st Place - Tim Vanderstek (Nashville MMA) 2nd Place - T.J. Burke (America MA) 3rd Place - Blake Weese (Nashville MMA) INTERMEDIATE: Under 150: 1st Place - Dustin Beeson (Southern) 2nd Place - Cliff Fretwell (LA Boxing) 3rd Place - Jeff Hooten (Memphis BJJ) 150.1-163: 1st Place - Ian McPherson (Alliance) 2nd Place - Jason Bircher (Memphis BJJ) 3rd Place - Nathan Gaudette (LA Boxing) 163.1-175: 1st Place - Kevin Gittmeier (LA Boxing) 2nd Place - Michael "Brundy" Davis (Southern BJJ) 187-205: 1st Place - Jay Page (Gracie Barra) 2nd Place - Cliff Fonseca (Nashville MMA) 3rd Place - Ryan Faircloth (Blalock's) ADVANCED DIVISION 150-163 1st Place - Kyle Watson (McVicker's) 2nd Place - Alex Crispim (Gracie Barra) 3rd Place - Chad Washburn (Nashville MMA) 163.1-175: 1st Place - Ruy Nakajima (Rising Phoenix) 2nd Place - Kevin Gittemeier (LA Boxing) 3rd Place - Steve Horton (ProGym) 187-205: 1st Place - Chris Moriarty (Alliance) 2nd Place - Erick Jordan (Gracie Barra) 3rd Place - Jeff Serafin (McVicker's) 205-215: 1st Place - Ray Casias (Nashville MMA) 2nd Place - Jesse Ault (Memphis BJJ) 3rd Place - Mike Yanez (American Top Team)

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