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Nevertap Results/Pics

    Tue, 2005-05-17 09:58 — Alicia Anthony

    Nevertap Tournament, May 15, 2005, Newport Beach The tournament attendance was low, but the event was well run. Hopefully the next one will be better attended. Here's a breakdown of the superfights.

    Jimmy Smith vs. Jamie Walsh These two started off standing up for a little while, trying to feel each other out, both trying to work for controlling grips. Jimmy then tried a scissor takedown - he ended up pulling guard into a butterfly/x guard position.There was a slight scramble as Jamie tried to pass, which lead to Jimmy being able to sweep him. Jimmy came up, attempted some legs locks, pulled guard, and attacked the leg. They stood back up - Jimmy jumped to the closed guard and Jamie remained standing. They broke from there, Jimmy attemped a takedown, which was defended by Jamie and then he pulled guard. That was the end of round 1. Round 2 started with Jimmy pulling guard. Jamie passed the half guard, Jimmy turtled. Jamie attacked with a rear naked choke from the turtle position which was defended by Jimmy. Jimmy ended up on his back in butterfly guard, Jamie passed the butterfly guard - he had a close front head lock/guillotine attack at the end of this round. Round 3 was real short. It started with Jimmy shooting a takedown, Jamie sprawled, spun to take the back and ended with a rear naked choke. Scott Bieri vs. Mondo Sanchez This match was pretty much dominated by Scott the whole time. In the first round the action was initiated by a takedown by Scott, which was immediately followed with a pass to half guard. He then passed the guard to side control and mounted. Mondo started to escape the mount and ended up putting Scott back in his guard. Scott passed the guard again, went to knee on stomach, then mount, then back to knee on stomach, then to mount again - the whole time he was attacking. Mondo had a few leg attacks that round, but nothing really substantial. Round 2, Mondo attempted a takedown, which was defended well by Scott. Mondo then pulled guard, which Scott passed and went right to mount where he started attacking the arms. There were a lot of positional changes after this - Scott pretty much controlled the top position. Mondo had Scott in his half guard - Bieri was controlling from the top, attempting a few chokes (brabo choke, d'arce choke...) at the end of this round. Round 3 was real quick. Scott executed a snap down from standing, took the back and got the choke. Simson Go vs. Scotty Epstein This match was pretty much dominated by Sim the whole time. Sim came in, pulled butterfly guard, then went to an arm drag. Scotty decided rather than getting his back taken, he would go to his back, giving Sim top position. They scrambled and ended up standing. Sim pulled guard after Scotty attempted a takedown. The rest of this round was characterized by aggresive guard passing attempts by Scotty and aggressive sweep attempts by Sim Go. Round 2 Sim pretty much had Scotty on his heels the entire round. Sim came out, pulled guard, went to some aggressive sweeps from butterfly guard. He went to a single leg sweep, controlled the top and took the back. The round ended with Sim trying to finish a very close rear naked choke. Round 3, Sim pulled guard to a sweep, a scramble ensued with Epstein getting a couple of close guard passes, getting close to the edge of the mat. Sim reconstituted his guard, ended up with a triangle attack near the edge of the mat. They started in the middle in the same position - not a fully locked triangle, but the general position. Sim kept attacking with triangle chokes and some other submissions, a lot of scrambling, and that's pretty much how the match ended, with Sim coming out victorious. Steve Magdaleno vs. Joe Camacho Very aggressive standup from both of them. Camacho shot in, attempting a takedown. Steve responded with a front choke, he jumped to guard and used the choke to reverse. Joe was defending, defending, defending. Steve passed to the half guard and attacked with a knee bar. Joe responded with a cross face reversal. The 2nd round began with multiple takedown attempts, both aggresively trying to take each other down. Joe ended up on his back a couple of times. Steve was able to secure two guard passes. Joe had a couple of good choke attacks. Round 3 - Steve attacked with a double leg, passed the guard, then he had a kimura attempt. Joe reversed from the kimura to an arm lock attempt. They exchanged leg locks a couple of times, and Joe returned to closed guard. Steve broke open the guard and finished with a straight ankle lock. Bill Cooper vs. Nam Phan The first round was characterized with a lot of takedown attempts. Cooper had a lot of arm drag to single attacks. Nam was shooting doubles, single legs... Nam has very good takedown defense. Finally Cooper nailed an arm drag single, went to guard pass, then knee on stomach. Round 2 - they both attempted several takedowns. Nam attempted some single legs, Cooper tried for some choke attacks. That was pretty much all of Round 2. Round 1 was pretty much Cooper... guard passing, takedown and choke attempts. Second round, Nam attempted a takedown and Cooper defended and ended up on top in half guard. Cooper passed half guard and attempted to mount with a triangle attack from the top position, then went to attack the kimura. Cooper would attack the kimura, Nam would defend the kimura and attack the straight arm lock - this position would change over and over, about three times. They stood back up, reset for a quick second, Nam pulled half guard, Bill passed, mounted, dismounted, went for a choke attack. They stood back up, and there were some double leg attacks. Nam looked a little gassed in the third round and Cooper pretty much positionally dominated. It was very action packed, many exchanges, but positionally dominated by Cooper, who ended up winning the match. Jason Miller vs. Eric Kelly There's really not much to say about this match. Jason pretty much did whatever he wanted to do. Eric came out, tried a couple of takedown attempts, and never really got the chance to get anything going. Miller on the other hand pulled guard, had some guillotine attacks that lead to some reversals and sweeps. He looked like he would attack with a move, get to a dominate position, then back away. He would pull guard, sweep, pass, and then get up and walk back to the middle of the ring, and repeat. Round 2 was the same thing - he would come in, pull guard, sweep, pass the guard, stand up and walk back. At one point he seemed to be playing around, he passed to half guard and kind of rolled over onto his back, giving Kelly the top position. He would give up positions and then sweep. It looked like he would get bored with a dominate position and then give it up. Round 3 was more of the same. Jason had a couple of combinations... a D'Arce choke into a rear naked when Eric would turn. Jason tapped Eric with a choke. Antonio McKee vs. Paulo Guillobel Pretty much the whole match was characterized by Antonio trying to shoot and Paulo attacking with a guillotine and jumping guard. McKee would defend the guillotine, Paulo would attempt an over hook and try to sweep and McKee would try to pass. That was pretty much the whole first round. Round 2 - there was an exchange of tie ups. McKee went for an underhook, which gave Paulo the overhook where he then jumped guard and attacked from his guard. Antonio was able to pass the guard. The closest submission of the match was when Paulo went to escape side control to his guard, he immediately attacked with an omo plata to a triangle. McKee picked him up and slammed Guillobel to defend the triangle - it didn't look like a slam intended to hurt Paulo, it was more McKee trying to shake him off, which ended up being a slam. Round 3 - more of the same. Guillobel pulled guard - Antonio tried to pass. There would be a couple of close passes, followed by a scramble and then a pass. McKee had a takedown during the round, and a couple of close passes. Guillobel spent most of round 3 defending. McKee won by judges decision. Marc Laimon vs. Fabio Nascimento Laimon pulled guard, went to open guard and started playing rubber guard, pulling his leg up over Fabio's back. He worked into an omo plata which Fabio attempted to stand up to defend. Laimon held on for a second, then put him back into his guard. Laimon was then working his guard, defending the pass, as Fabio worked hard to pass. Laimon attacked the omo plata again. The round ended with Fabio defending the omo plata and Laimon ending up in the closed guard. Round 2 - Nascimento pulled guard. Laimon remained standing - had a couple of very close guard passes, which I think might have spooked Nascimento. They both stood up, Laimon pulled guard, with Fabio trying to pass. Laimon tried to take his back once. Round 3 was more of the same. Laimon pulled guard, Fabio trying to pass as he did in round 2. There were a couple of times in round 3 where Fabio attacked with a leg lock - came really close to passing Laimon's guard once, forcing him to go to his knees. Fabio almost took his back, but nothing really close. The decision went to Laimon.

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