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SouthWest Submission Grappling Challenge Report and Video

    Tue, 2005-09-27 07:21 — Gumby

    Suffice it to say myself and Grappler`s Quest promoter Brian Cimins, who was also graciously playing referee that day, were stunned at the level of competitors we saw that day.

    SouthWest Submission Grappling Challenge
    Okahoma City, OK
    August 20th, 2005

    After years of seeing Raphael Lovato Jr. competing on the West Coast, on the East Coast, and even down in Brazil we finally decided to take the time to check him out on his home turf at the SouthWest Submission Challenge…

    …Well almost his home turf. Who knew Oklahoma had two major airports? Not me apparently, as I booked a flight into Tulsa, where as Rafael lives in Oklahoma City. Still Rafael was gracious enough to give me a ride to and fro the airport, about a two hour drive away.

    Still Rafael Lovato Jr. (and Rafael Lovato Sr.) were playing host to SouthWest Submission Challenge, not competing in it, so it was an opportunity to see how good Oklahoma grapplers in general.

    Suffice it to say myself and Grappler`s Quest promoter Brian Cimins, who was also graciously playing referee that day, were stunned at the level of competitors we saw that day. It stands to reason of course, that Oklahoma has a proud tradition of grappling from the outstanding wrestling programs that have around for years and years before jiu jitsu appeared, and that was evident all day long as competitors pushed the pace of the action and scored spectacular takedown after spectacular takedown all day long. Smooth jiujitsu was the order of day as well, as the impressive displays of skill did not end with the stand up action.

    The tournament itself was split between Advanced and Beginner divisions and run on two mats which were active at all times. Rafael Lovato Sr. certainly runs a tight ship when it comes to running a tournament and he had competitors (and referees) moving all day, and everyone knew where they were supposed to be at all times. Coupled with the fact that most of the matches of the day ended in submission and the action was pretty much non stop.

    The best match up of the day had to be between Lovato`s Justin Rader and state rival Team Titan`s Mike Jackson both of whom displayed superior skills in the their matches. When these two met seemingly the whole gym was there to cheer one competitor or the other on. Both displayed excellent stand up technique, ground skill and heart but Rader won the day with a choke. However, we`re looking forward to seeing both of these up and comers in the future.

    The highlight of the day was to be the Absolute division, which had a $300 cash prize up for grabs. What wound up happening was that host team Lovato closed out the division with 10 competitors after they all won their respective matches, so placement was decided on order of seniority and Advanced Super heavyweight division winner Justin Jacobs was awarded first place.

    Afterwards the Lovato`s showed some very gracious hospitality as they showed off some of Oklahoma`s sites, I got the chance to roll with Jr. and some of his students at their academy, which has a neat array of medieval armor and the like on display, and narrowly missed experiencing an actual tornado (stupid California tourist in me was actually hoping to see one). With the talent level displayed at the tournament, and the fun I had overall, you can bet OntheMat will definitely be back for the next edition of this tournament! See you then!

    SouthWest Submission Grappling Challenge
    Full Results

    Children Lightweight
    1st Lauren Magdeleno - Vaghi
    2nd Pat Sharp - Lovato
    3rd Morgan Oathout - Lovato

    Children Heavyweight
    1st Jeremy Taylor - USA Stars
    2nd Zac Huggins - Lovato
    3rd Wes Tranckino - Lovato

    Men`s Beginner Roosterweight
    1st David Henderson - Renato Tavares
    2nd Craig Descateaux - Triton
    3rd Bethany McKee - Renato Tavares

    Men`s Beginner Featherweight
    1st Brian Fleeman - Gracie Barra
    2nd Jon Combs - Lovato
    3rd Jared Rader - Lovato

    Men`s Beginner Lightweight
    1st Fletcher Hoffman - Lovato
    2nd Connery Lawther - Lovato
    3rd Colin Pierce - Pittman

    Men`s Beginner Middleweight
    1st Jaime Steichen - USA Stars
    2nd Ben Shriver - Lovato
    3rd Eric Goforth - Renato Tavares

    Men`s Beginner Light-Heavyweight
    1st Brad Celestin - Gracie Barra
    2nd James Daniels - United Jiu-Jitsu
    3rd Brandon Peck - Lovato

    Men`s Beginner Cruiserweight
    1st Story Gotti - Gracie Barra
    2nd Michael Parker - Renato Tavares
    3rd Scott Torrence - Apollo

    Men`s Beginner Heavyweight
    1st Nathan Palma - Lovato
    2nd Jeremiah Hanks - Lovato
    3rd Ervin Miller - Lovato

    Men`s Beginner Super-Heavyweight
    1st John Nash - Lovato
    2nd Jeremy Moore - Gracie Barra
    3rd Lars Bieberstein - Academy of Martial Arts

    Men`s Advanced Featherweight
    1st Jason Sampson - Lovato
    2nd Brandon Mullins - Pittman
    3rd Isaac Magdeleno - Renato Tavares

    Men`s Advanced Lightweight
    1st Robert Harper - Lovato
    2nd Justin Rader - Lovato
    3rd Joe Wilk - Gracie Barra

    Men`s Advanced Middleweight
    1st Gabe Campbell - Lovato
    2nd Jose Baeza - Lovato
    3rd Chase Stalcup - Renato Tavares

    Men`s Advanced Light-Heavyweight
    1st Logan Gulick - Lovato
    2nd Johnny Nimmo - USA Stars
    3rd David Durnill - Gracie Barra

    Men`s Advanced Cruiserweight
    1st Piet Wilhelm - Triton
    2nd Jordan Phillips - Pittman

    Men`s Advanced Heavyweight
    1st Russ Schwettmann - Lovato
    2nd Brian Beard - Texas Self-Defense
    3rd Ruben Zamarron - Academy of Martial Arts

    Men`s Advanced Super-Heavyweight
    1st Justin Jacobs - Lovato
    2nd Kyle Rogers - Tulsa Judo
    3rd Jason Howell - Academy of Martial Arts

    Men`s Absolute
    1st Justin Jacobs
    2nd Justin Rader
    3rd Logan Gulick

    Team Points were awarded as follows:
    Beginner Divisions - 1st - 5 points
    2nd - 3 points
    3rd - 1 points
    Advanced Divisions - 1st - 7 points
    2nd - 5 points
    3rd - 3points

    1st Lovato`s BJJ Oklahoma City - 82 points
    2nd Gracie Barra Wichita, Kansas - 24 points
    3rd Renato Tavares Norman, Oklahoma - 16 points

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