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Super Campeonato Cyclone de Submission 4

    Wed, 2004-11-10 15:19 — Denis Martins

    Super Campeonato Cyclone de Submission 4
    Date: September 19th in Vasco da Gama Gymnasium - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

    Innovation at each edition, this is the rule inside this Submission event. This time the new way of the middleweight tournament was exciting. A four man tournament with 4 very-well ranked competitors in the 73kg-78kg weight class. The winner would get prize money plus the Super Campeonato Cyclone belt that would enter on the dispute for the first time.

    We also checked the superfight between Alexandre 'Cafe' Dantas and Rodrigo 'Riscado' Gripp. This was the third time - and I hope the last time - that these guys fought each other. I did not see reason for this third match, since their prior fights were boring and nobody expected a different pace on this new one.

    Four man tournament 73kg-78kg history:

    ‘This was a nice tournament where the four fighters could capture the belt and the prize money. The first couple of guys who stepped up on the mat were Petterson Melo (Boxe Thai) and Adriano 'Nasal' Pereira (BTT).

    'Nasal' tried to put the fight on the mat when he shot a takedown however nothing happened and then Melo tried to attack with a single-leg. Melo dominated one of Nasal's legs, but with a smart movement 'Nasal' got Melo's back without the hooks and worked a choke. The fight came back to their feet and 'Nasal' pulled Melo to the open guard, so Melo grabbed the Nasal's leg and tried a kneebar that didn't work but opened a place for a sweep provided by 'Nasal'. The fight came back to their feet once, but it already was close of the 7 minutes of fight and 'Nasal' pulled to the guard to guarantee the victory over Melo by 2-0.

    Danilo Cherman (Nova Uniao) faced off Eduardo Simoes (GracieBarra Combat team) in the second fight of the tournament. Cherman is known to be very good submission fighter, but he does not have many appearances in this kind of event. Simoes has more experience, but he has accumulated many defeats, mainly when he faces smart guard fighters such as Cherman.

    When the action began, Simoes almost scored the first takedown, but Cherman felt the better game of Simoes on the feet and pulled the fight to the guard. From the bottom, Cherman started a beautiful sweep that made the fighters come back to their feet. Cherman then tried a guillotine choke when Simoes shot for a takedown, then from the bottom Cherman got the second sweep and dropped on the mount position from where he dominated the arm of Simoes and stretched it out with an armbar at 5:41.


    'Nasal' (BTT) submitted Cherman (Nova Uniao) by guillotine choke at 4:05
    Two very technical fighters like this would guarantee this would be a chess match. Cherman was cold like an ice and 'Nasal' had too much vibration on his game. Some shoots on both sides were seen, but 'Nasal' didn't want to fight on the bottom when the fight went to the ground. Cherman worked well from the bottom, but 'Nasal' acquired the first 2 points by the passing the guard of Cherman. The fight was going in a frenetic pace, and when they were on the feet and Cherman tried to put 'Nasal' on the ground, 'Nasal' sunk a guillotine choke. Cherman felt it; giving in the mount position for 'Nasal' followed by a tapout due to a very tight guillotine choke.

    The super-fight between 'Cafe' and 'Riscado' started and….
    …what can I say? The beginning of the fight left us with a wrong impression of what would happen. 'Cafe' shot a takedown, 'Riscado' worked a guillotine choke, the fight went to the ground, after some seconds they stood themselves up.
    The fight went to the ground, once, when 'Riscado' pulled 'Cafe' for his half-guard, 'Cafe' forced the guard passage and he got the side mount, but he didn't hold the position long enough to get the points and the score was 0-0. So, everything stopped, the action on the mat was boring without any good moves. The boos started and 'Cafe' acted a bit more when the fight returned to their feet; taking 'Riscado' down, close of the end of the fight. 'Riscado' couldn't do anything to even the score. Final of the super-fight and 'Cafe' got more one victory against 'Riscado' with this victory of 1-0 over him. After both fighters receive their prizes, 'Riscado' took the microphone and challenged 'Cafe' to make a final match in MMA rules, 'Cafe' accepted and now we hope that they make in MMA what they did not in Submission, a good fight!

    The rest of the event had the tournaments in the professional and amateur categories. In the amateur, the fighter who surpassed expectations was ‘Pequeno's` brother, Leonardo Nogueira. The newest Nogueira fighter, submitted his 5 opponents and earned the first place with four guillotine-chokes and one rear naked choke on his road to the podium.

    The professional categories elapsed a bit without vitality; the Meriti Open ValeTudo winner, Edson 'Chulapa', can be named the owner of the best throws of the event. With a good game on the feet(base and sprawls), 'Chulapa' schooled two BTT fighters in quarter-finals and semi-finals when he provided suplex and nice counter-attacks when his opponents shoot takedowns.

    Final results
    Under 65kg:
    William 'Parrudinho' (BTT) def. Leonardo 'Ligeirinho' (Casquinha JJ) by 2-1

    Edson 'Chulapa' (BSW) def. Ivanilson Silva (Cafe JJ) by 3-0

    Matheus Trindade (BTT) armbarred Lucio Sergio (Gota Team) at 3:49

    Thalles Leite (Nova Uniao) def. Ricardo Feliciano (BRASA) by 6-0

    Over 95kg:
    Sergio Marcos (Cafe JJ) def. Guilherme Lemos (Bigu) by 6-0

    Next year SuperCampeonato Cyclone de Submission will change its name for the fourth time. After to be named Campeonato Cyclone de Luta-Livre and Supercampeonato Cyclone de Luta-Livre'n'Submission ; Cyclone's event will be renamed for Campeonato Brasileiro Cyclone de Submission(Brazilian Submission Championship) and the prize money will be better to attract more renowned fighters to compete.

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