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    Mon, 2004-09-06 16:32 — Ulysses Gomez

    Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years.

    Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Well actually only 2 years. 2 years waiting for a fight between Tito and Chuck to happen. Training partners turned bitter rivals. Tito and Chuck were about to give the fight world what they wanted to see. A fight. UFC 47's main event was Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell, a main event that could have happened in any other UFC, but didn't happen until now. Also on the fight card are Japanese Superstar Genki Sudo, hard hitting "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler, and fan favorite "Cabbage" just to name a few. The first fight of the night was between Japanese Sensation Genki "The Neo Samurai" Sudo (8-3-1) going against UFC newcomer Mike "Mayhem" Brown (6-1-0). The fight started off with Genki trying to use his unorthodox sytle to throw Brown off. Brown didn't let it bother him; he quickly took Genki to the cage. From here he landed a few shots on Genki, at the same time Genki reversed Brown into the cage and scored a takedown off it. Brown was quick to scramble to his feet. While on the feet, Brown secured a single leg that put Genki on his back. Almost as soon as they hit the ground Genki had Brown in a triangle choke. Brown defended the choke well and got out and started to ground and pound Genki. From here Genki worked on getting Brown in another triangle. Having the triangle locked in place he switched to an armbar. Brown tried to defend the best he could but the submission was already locked in place. Brown had no choice but to tap to the armbar. Genki was awarded the submission victory and after the fight he held up a flag that read, "We are all one". It was an impressive victory for Genki and look for him to make a huge impact on the 155 lbs division. The second fight of the night was between two UFC newcomers. It pitted Wade "Nightmare" Ship (6-1-0) against Jonathan "Lock' N Load" Wiezorek (5-0-0). Right from the get go the fight was action packed. As soon as the bell sounded Jonathan rushed Wade, Wade's defense to this was to back pedal and hit Jonathan with heavy shots. Wade's defense soon turned to offense as Jonathan was forced to cover up and defend himself. From here Jonathan took a shot but Wade reversed him for a takedown. Jonathan scrambled to his feet and once they got on their feet both fighters started to trade heavy knees. Jonathan's wrestling instincts kicked in and he managed to score a takedown on Wade. Wade not wanting to go to his guard, belly downed and got his back taken in the process. From here Jonathan put his hooks in and started to unload on Wade. Wade wasn't doing a proper job covering up, fearing for the fighter's safety the Ref stepped in and stopped the fight with less then a minute left in the first round. Jonathan was awarded his first UFC victory and a tough one at that. The next fight of the night was a last minute replacement. Originally UFC newcomer Mike Kyle was suppose to take on Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, and Andrei Arlovski was to take on Tim Sylvia. But, the UFC had some technical difficulties when Tim Sylvia didn't get cleared by the NSAC to fight. So the UFC decided to have Wesley fight Andrei instead. Out of the blue comes Wes Sims. Wes offered to take on Mike Kyle on last minute notice. So instead of dropping the Mike Kyle fight the UFC decided to take Wes up on his offer. Now that that's all said and done lets talk about the fight. So in one corner we have UFC newcomer Mike "MAK" Kyle (10-2-0), and in the other corner we have last minute replacement Wes "The Project" Sims (6-3-0). Both of these guys are HUGE! Kyle is 6'4" and weighs 240lbs. Sims is a monster, walking around at 6'10" and 250lbs. This fight had fireworks written all over it. The fight started off with Sims going for a high kick, Kyle blocked and went for a takedown but couldn't get Sims down. From here Sims grabbed Kyle's head and sat to guard with a guillotine choke. Kyle defends and starts to pepper Sims. He's hitting Sims with a body, body, head shots. Sims starts to go for an arm-triangle choke but some how Kyle managed to get out. A few seconds later the ref stands them up. Sims goes to his corner and is complaining about something. That's when Kyle rushes Sims and hits him with a huge knee! From here Kyle starts to land straight jabs and right shots on Sims. Sims reacted by flipping off Kyle, Kyle lands a right hand that drops Sims. The ref runs in and stops the fight with 1 second left in the round. Awarding Kyle the TKO victory in the first round. Kyle made a good first impression and look to see him in future UFCs. And even though Wes lost, you got to love a guy that takes a fight on a days notice and lists Hulk Hogan as one of his heroes. The fight that followed was a slobber-knocker (pro wrestling term). You have "Ruthless" Robbie Lawler (8-1-0) going against Nick Diaz (8-2-0). Robbie is known for being a tremendous striker and on the other hand you have Nick who is more geared as a grappler. So the common conception is that this fight is Grappler vs. Striker. Well that's not that case in this fight. The fight started off with both fighters swinging for the fences. They exchanged punches with Nick hurting Robbie first. Nick caught Robbie with a clean punch that seemed to daze Robbie. Unfortunaly for Nick he couldn't capitalize and Robbie came to his senses. Robbie resorted to his old game plan, back pedal and force Nick to come to him, hopefully catching him with a clean shot. But Nick had other things in mind. Nick started to taunt Robbie. Robbie didn't seem to like this too much. Robbie came in and Nick caught Robbie with a few punches. Robbie hit Nick with some shots of his own and he even went for a flying knee! The rounded ended shortly afterwords. The second round started off with a bang! Both fighters took center cage and started to trade punches. Nick caught Robbie with a clean right hook. The next thing everyone knows Robbie is laid out on the canvas. After watching the replay everyone saw that the short right hook was what put Robbie out. It was a clean punch that did a lot of damage. Nick got the KO victory, which surprised a lot of people, including me. The next fight of the night was between hard hitting, chin of steal Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (20-4-0) taking on top Heavyweight Contender Andrei "The Pit Bull" Arlovski (7-3-0). In my opinion, who ever one this fight would be considered the "top dog" of the Heavyweight Division. The fight started off with both stalking each other, trying to pick their shots. Andrei drew first blood by catching Cabbage with a few shots that opened a cut somewhere on Cabbage's neck (he actually did draw blood). After a few moments of circling each other, Andrei unleashed a furry on Cabbage. He hit him with some nice clean jabs and hooks, and even went for a high kick that barley missed! Right when the action was getting good the round ended. The second round saw both fighters swinging! Andrei caught Cabbage with nice jab/hook combos, while Cabbage caught Andrei with some nice shots of his own. They took a few seconds to gather themselves and that's when Andrei hit Cabbage with a Jab/right hand combo that sent Cabbage to the canvas! The ref rushed in and stopped the fight before Andrei could do anymore damage to Cabbage. Andrei got the TKO victory and hopefully a well deserved Title Shot in a future UFC. The fight that followed was between Hermes Franca (8-1-0) against Yves Edwards (22-8-1). Hermes is coming off a controversial lost to Josh Thomson. Yves on the other head is coming off a TKO victory over Nick Agallar. Many felt that this would be the fight of the night. The fight started off with Hermes missing a high kick, but getting a single leg take down on Yves shortly after. Yves managed to get to his feet and while on the feet he tagged Hermes with a few shots. Hermes went for an inside trip and took Yves down with it. Yves scrambled to his feet just as the round ended. Round two saw Hermes catching one of Yves kicks and taken him down off it. From here Hermes passed to half guard and Yves managed to pull of a reversal/sweep. While Hermes was playing his guard he managed to set up Yves with an omoplata and switched to a toe hold (BJJ Black Belt at work). Yves pulled out of the submission attempts and got to his feet. While on the feet Hermes and Yves exchanged a few punches before the round ended. Round three saw Hermes scoring a take down on Yves. Yves decided to play his half guard and he even managed to go for a Kimura. While Yves was holding the Kimura, Hermes tried to spin for a straight armbar that barley missed the mark. From it seemed like both fighters rode out the clock. The rounded end and the judges gave the split decision to Yves Edwards. Some people in the crowd felt that Hermes should have gotten the decision. They "booed" in protest. The "Swing Bout" of the night was between Chris "Lights Out" Lytle (27-10-4) against Tiki Ghosn (9-3-0). Chris is a well-rounded fighter but prefers to stand and trade. Tiki is more known for his Kickboxing skills. Everyone expected a KO finish, but this wasn't the case. The fight started with both fighters exchanging leg kicks. Chris got the better hand on the exchange when he caught one of Tiki's kicks and scored a takedown off it. They had a scramble of the ground and Chris almost took Tiki's back, but he barley missed which allowed Tiki to get back on his feet. While on the feet, they exchanged a few shots and right before the round ended Tiki got a flurry off on Chris. The second round saw both fighters taking center cage and exchanging punches. Tiki went for a kick but Chris managed to catch it and slam Tiki for the takedown. From here Tiki exposed his back and Chris went for it and barley missed again! He managed to hold onto Tiki's head in the process though. The position was similar to a headlock (think Carlos Newton vs. Pat Miletich). Chris's instincts must of kicked in cause once he had his head he never let go. He just squeezed, until Tiki was force to tap out. Chris was awarded the submission Victory. So, finally after years of waiting the fight was about to start. In one corner you have Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell (12-3-0) and across the cage you have Tito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz (11-3-0). The atmosphere was electric, the tension was unbearable, the anticipation felt like FOREVER. I couldn't believe after all the years of waiting, the fight was finally about to take place. I normally write myself notes during the fight on who did what. But no, not this time. I decided to sit back an enjoy the fight. Ding, ding, ding the round starts and both fighters take center stage. Both fighters circle around each other looking for an opening. Neither Tito nor Chuck want to commit to a shot or a punch. It's obvious that both fighters respect each others fighting ability and know that one wrong move could be the difference between winning and losing. Chuck connected first by tagging Tito with a few jabs. Tito countered by going for a single leg but pull away last second. The fighters continue to stalk each other as the round goes on. Chucks gets a flurry off on Tito. He hits him with a jab, right hook jab combo. The round ends midway threw his combo and Big John runs in and stops both fighters. The crowd went wild! The beginning of the second round started and ended with a BANG! As soon as the fight started Chuck pins Tito into the cage and starts to unload jabs, straight rights, and hooks at Tito. He catches Tito with some nice shots but Tito deflected a lot of the shots. Suddenly a jab sneaks past Tito's hands and collides with Tito's face. Then comes a hook and another jab and DOWN GOES TITO! Big John runs in and stops the contest at 38 seconds into the second round. So after all the years and all the discussions of who would win between Tito and Chuck, will finally have an answer. You have to give Tito props for doing what he said he was going to do. Stand and trade. Wither it was a smart idea or not he did what he said he was going to do. And major props to Chuck for never backing down and fighting everyone that was put in front of him. Will they have a rematch? I wouldn't mind watching a Tito and Chuck 2. But it's not up for me to decide.

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