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10th Annual Gracie Open in San Francisco

    Mon, 2010-09-20 09:58 — Christie Sullivan

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    10th Annual Gracie Open held at Kezar Pavilion San Francisco, CA

    Cesar Gracie held his 10th annual, Gracie Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament in San Francisco this Saturday. The event included gi and no-gi divisions for kids and adults, absolute divisions, as well as a Super Fight between “Nasty Nate” Nate DuCharme (Dave Terrell) and Brazilian native/BJJ World’s Champion, Antonio Braga Neto (Gordo JiuJitsu). 
    After the early morning weigh-ins, over a hundred kids sprawled across the 6 mat, center stage to warm up for the kids no gi and gi divisions. The level of technique and ferocity by the kids was electric and the stadium was very encouraging with cheers and applauds after each match for the kids. Their divisions were by far the most represented. Following the kids were the adult females, which included just a handful of females across the two white belt divisions, under 120lbs and 121-150lbs divisions.
    The adult male white belt and blue belts saw the most adult competitor presence for the day and continued through 4pm, just before the Super Fight between Nasty Nate X Braga Neto.
    In the Nate DuCharme X Braga Neto match, the two fought for 10 minutes, no gi. Braga Neto dominated most of the match by taking DuCharme’s back and flattening him out , although DuCharme was able to escape mid match and gain his half guard. Braga Neto retook his back, where the fight eventually ended with a win for Braga Neto 10-0.  See the YouTube video of the Super Fight here:
    In the brown belt open weight class, newly promoted Ralph Gracie tournament superstar, Sean Roberts, fought his two opponents and defeated both via submission to earn his gold.  See the YouTube video of the match here:
    Full tournament results coming soon!

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