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10th Summer Intensive Training Camp

    Tue, 2005-06-21 11:17 — Franco Vacirca

    10th Summer Intensive Training Camp
    The annual summer intensive training in Zurich will be conducted from August 25th to 28th 2005

    The Academy is proud to announce the 10th Annual Summer Training camp. If there will be enough participants, we may also host duel-matches between the camp practitioners and the academy members, in both division "Advance" and "Beginners". It is a great chance to test your skills before the upcoming tournaments in Europe.

    Application: All participants are kindly requested to send their definitive application before July 20th so we will be able to make our arrangements for some special training and organize a barbecue as well.

    Cost: EUR 100 / CHF 150 per person; club members free-of-charge, Barbecue and tournament upon request. Send application to:

    Risks: All participants must sign-in a waiver (only in German language available) for the complete camp-training time. Please make sure to have enough travel and health coverage by your insurance company.

    Others: Classes are taught in English and/or German; however, all of our coaches speak more than one language. Accommodation can be provided in convenient and cheep hotels. Senior members who visit us regularly may also get the permission to sleep-over at the club. See our accommodation`s information for more details.

    Themes: Please keep in mind, that this is a PURE BJJ training camp. We are covering all aspects, including self-defense, ground grappling with and without the Gi, and the teaching method used at Academy (for affiliated trainers only). Dress code: Gi at all times; during our no-Gi class you must wear the Gi pants and a clean t-shirt, no topless and shorts!

    Please feel free to call me at +41 (0)78 789 5038 or to send me an e-mail.


    There are several options for your staying while training at the Vacirca Academy. Full-time students are located in IBIS, FORMEL 1 and ETAP hotels. The fee will be approx. 80 to 150 Swiss francs per night (double room) including Breakfast.

    Sleeping in the club (please bring your OWN sleeping bag) will cost you 15 Swiss francs (approx. 10 Euro) per night; discount is given for visitors staying for one week or longer. Pricing is subject to change at anytime without prior notification.

    Check out the following websites and make your reservation:

    Formel 1 Oerlikon
    Heidi Abel-Weg 7 - 8050 Zürich, Tel. +41 (0) (+41) 01 307 48 00 - Fax 307 48 48

    IBIS Oerlikon
    Heidi Abel-Weg 5 - 8050 Zürich, Tel. +41 (0)1 307 47 00 - Fax 307 47 47

    Sternen Oerlikon
    Schaffhauserstrasse 335 - 8050 Zürich, Tel. + 41 (0)43 300 65 65

    Need to know more about Zurich and Oerlikon?
    Visit the following website:

    Club directions: If you are coming with the Tram (14) or (10) from the Main station (Zurich HB) get out at SALERSTEIG and walk down the ALLENMOOSSTRASSE (only 2 minutes on foot).

    If you are coming with the Tram (11) from Zurich HB get out at STERNEN-OERLIKON and walk down to the DORFLINDEN (approx. 5 minutes walk).

    The Dorflinde is also accessible by Bus (62). OERLIKON is also accessible by the S-BAHN (local train service) from Zurich HB, Basel, Winterthur, Rapperswil and other cities.

    Jiu-Jitsu u. Judo Club Zürich
    Dörflistrasse 50, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon (Switzerland)

    © Vacirca Academy 2005 / p.1

    Camp schedule
    (Training time is subject to change)

    Thursday 25.08. From 11:30 Camp registration
    12:30 - 14:30 1st Training session (Gi)
    16:00 - 17:30 2nd Training session (No-Gi)
    19:00 City walk and dinner

    Friday 26.08. 10:00 - 12:00 3rd Training session (Gi)
    12:30 Lunch and break
    14:30 - 16:00 4th Training session (Gi)
    18:30 - 20:00 5th Training session (No-Gi)

    Saturday 27.08. 12:30 - 15:30 Intensive Training (Gi)
    19:30 Camp Barbecue (or dinner)

    Sunday 28.08. 9:30 Breakfast
    11:30 - 13:30 Intensive Training & Testing
    14:00 End and Camp certification

    Camp fees:

    All Training sessions: CHF 100
    Training sessions: CHF 25

    Saturday training: CHF 35
    Sunday training: CHF 25
    Both days: CHF 50

    Testing: CHF 35 / EUR 25 (includes new belt)

    Complete Camp: CHF 150 / EUR 100 (without testing)

    *Drinks/Beverage and food is not included at anytime.
    **Certification only to participants who will train during the complete camp!
    ***For Belt testing up to Brown belt is available at the Academy.

    Camp extras:

    Barbecue CHF 25 /person (drinks and food on the table)
    Breakfast approx. CHF 10 /person (depending on your wishes)
    Lunch/Dinner approx. CHF 20-30 /person
    Sleeping (Dojo) EUR 10 /person and /night (bring your own sleeping back)

    © Vacirca Academy 2005 / p.2

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