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ADCC UK Nationals 2008 Results

    Wed, 2008-07-09 10:44 — Jude Samuel

    ADCC UK Nationals 2008 Results

    With funky house playing in the background and the most chilled atmosphere to a tournament in ages, the ADCC UK and Irish Nationals got underway this weekend gone, with a great showing from academies around the major cities like, London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Belfast, Bristol and Manchester.

    EFN would like to thank the following people for all their hard work and support:
    Londonshoot, Roger Gracie Academy, Gracie Barra Birmingham, AFS, GB Swansea, BJJ School, GAA, Birmingham City Council and in particular Jamie Hussain, Nic B, Andy Roberts, Oliver G, Gavin Loh, Neil Owen, Paul Ivans, Alexis, Braulio and Victor Estima, Marcus Nardini, Alberto Mina, Felipe Souza, Pedro Bessa, Pippa, Kerry Roberts, Greg Sulzman, Chris Rees, Kevin Capel, Kevin Webb, James from Tsavo Photographic and all the competitors, coaches and spectators that came to support.

    ADCC UK and Irish Nationals 2008

    ADCC UK and Irish Nationals 2008 online Images

    Advanced Absolute
    1. Jamil Soraiji
    2. Luke Costello
    3. Oliver Geddes

    Novice Absolute
    1. Marley Swindells
    2. James Easley
    3. Everton Villiti

    Advanced 88 - 98.9kg
    1. Andy Costello
    2. Kieran Rice
    3. Danny Barker

    Advanced 77 - 87.9kg
    1. James Zikic
    2. Kevin Webb
    3. Jamil Soruiji

    Advanced 66 - 76.9kg
    1. Jon Reeve
    2. Michael Russell
    3. Andy Roberts

    Advanced - 65.9kg
    1. Adam Edwards
    2. Luke Cole
    3. Fitzroy Peters

    Advanced - 60kg Womans (TBC)
    1. Caohmie McGill
    2. Yaz Capel
    3. Rachel Wheatley

    Super Fights - 80kg
    1. Pedro Bessa
    2. Marcus Nardini
    3. Michael Russell
    4. Alberto Mina

    Novice - 100kg
    1. Ashley James
    2. Kenneth Brett
    3. Nick Clark

    Novice - 91kg
    1. Sahib Khamlichi
    2. Samson Akanbi
    3. Chris Connor

    Novice - 85kg
    1. Nathan Moore Pointing
    2. Chico Singh Chatha
    3. Tito DJalo

    Novice - 79kg
    1. Danny Mitchell
    2. Michael David Tucci
    3. Gareth Price

    Novice - 73kg
    1. Halsho Drey
    2. Paul Hougonghi
    3. Everton Veldi

    Novice - 67kg
    1. Gareth Pilot
    2. Aaron Au-Yeung
    3. Antony Griffiths

    Novice - 67kg
    1. Carl Luckett
    2. Jake
    3. Jignesh Mistry

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