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    Sat, 2005-08-13 18:12 — Riccardo Ammendolia

    Have you ever wondered with all the BJJ Camps going on these days if they are actually worth it?

    Hey On the Mat readers. Riccardo BALEIA from Canada here! Have you ever wondered with all the BJJ Camps going on these days if they are actually worth it? Well I am a 2 time veteran of the camps in Brazil and thought I`d share with you my experience of my last camp adventure.

    The camp I chose to go to for two years in a row has been the Alliance BJJ Camp in Buzios, Rio De Janeiro. The camps main director has been world famous jiu-jitsu coach Romero "JACARE" Cacalvanti. Now for those of you who don`t know who Jacare is, he was the instructor of a lot of the top BJJ fighters and coaches today such as Leonardo and Ricardo Vieira, Felipe Neto, Fabio and Fernando Gurgel, Rodrigo "Cumprido" Medeiros, Alexandre Paiva, Roberto Traven, Leonardo Castello Branco, Roger Brooking, Ricardo Franjihna Miller, Anderson Xavier, Jamelao, Felipes Costa as well as many more!

    So the quality of instruction of the camp is top notch! What else does the camp offer you might be asking! Well, the camp is located in Buzios like I mentioned before. For those of you who don`t know Buzios, it is a beautiful town about 2 hours outside of Rio and is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to .The town is surrounded by some awesome beaches, and has a town centre that is the most happening place around. A lot of people come from different parts of Brazil and South America to Buzios for the weekend, when the night life really picks up! And believe me picking up is not too difficult in Buzios. With a strip of bars, restaurants and cafes, Buzios nightlife is like no other. By Friday the streets are jammed with tourists and natives all out to have a good time at the Buzios bars.

    Now about the bars and nightlife, I recommend starting the night out at Chez Michou which is a bar/restaurant on the Rua da Pedras (Street of Rocks), you will know which street that is when you`re on it believe me. Now at Chez Michou you have some really cool food like crepes and stuff or you can get your drink on with the cool bar they have. Chez Michou is hard to miss as its logo is a big Parrot and is an open patio type concept!
    From there you have some other good bars like Zappatas, Guapoloco or Privelege and many more!

    Back to Jiu-jitsu now, the camp in Buzios was really cool as you had a time assigned for training and the rest of the day was left in your hands! We trained once a day and there was too much else going on in Buzios to want more training,but the gym was available for those interested. As for the jiu-jitsu training we did get, it was awesome. Not only did Jacare put us through the paces but other guest instructors have been at the camp as well. The camps assistant instructor Felipe Zicro Neto is one of Jacares black belts from Rio and is an amazing instructor as well as a tough S.O.B. on the mats! Felipe is the man in Rio and is a really good friend to have as well. His knowledge of jiu-jitsu and women make him a valuable asset to the camp! This year we had Jiu-jitsu phenom Ricardo Vieira, another assistant instructor as well. Ricardo is one of the fastest guys I`ve ever rolled with and is a genetic freak like his brother. I think the Vieira brothers are born with 2 hearts, because whenever you start rolling with them, and you are getting gassed, all of a sudden they have this second, third and fourth wind that is unstoppable!

    The camp has also had a bunch of other guest instructors stop by such as Alexandre Paiva (who taught Terere and Leo Leite) Fernando Gurgel, Anderson Sarruco Xavier, Otavio Ratinho (Brasa Team Leader) and more! So as for the jiu-jitsu level you will be receiving at the camp, there are no questions as you can`t ask for much more!

    Okay so you`re training jiu-jitsu in a beautiful place but how did you get there and what`s to eat? Good question. The fee you pay for the camp includes your airport pickup and transportation to and from Buzios to the airport, as well as your hotel and food. The hotel this year was right next to the town centre where the restaurant we ate at was as well. Now when I mean restaurant I should have said buffet. If you like Brazilian food well you will be in paradise as the food at the restaurant is awesome and you get as much as you want! If you want to try something different, the Buzios town centre has many Brazilian, Spanish, Thai and European restaurants as well. But they aren`t included. And if you get really home sick there is a McDonalds in the town centre and Bobs Burgers as well. Bobs is pretty much the same as McDonalds just with a couple different things on the menu.

    So let`s review. For the Alliance BJJ Camp you pay a flat fee, (I believe it was 1000.00 U.S. this year for 10 days if you pre-register) and you get:

    -Airport pick up and transportation to Buzios

    -Hotel Accomidation

    -Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Included

    -High Quality Jiu-jitsu training with world champion instructors and fighters


    If you really want to get away for a vacation, train some jiu-jitsu without and distractions, the Alliance BJJ Camp was good for me and I`m sure it will be for you too! Have a good time!

    For more information on the camp go to

    For more information on Buzios go to

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