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"The Alliance" returns as Frank Shamrock is set to corner Maurice Smith at RFA 2

    Wed, 2012-03-28 12:15 — Bevois

    KEARNEY, Nebraska — Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) announced last month that former UFC heavyweight champion Maurice "Mo" Smith would be returning the cage at age 50. He is scheduled to face Jorge Cordoba in a light-heavyweight bout on the main card of RFA 2 - Yvel vs. Alexander on Friday night in Kearney, Nebraska.

    Now it has been confirmed that MMA's original super-team will also be reunited at RFA 2. Frank Shamrock will indeed be in attendance cornering his longtime friend and training partner Smith. While Smith is regarded as the first fighter from a striking background to win a UFC title, Shamrock is noted as being the first-ever champion for three of the sports biggest organizations: the UFC (light-heavyweight), WEC (light-heavyweight), and Strikeforce (middleweight).

    In 1998, Shamrock and Smith along with Tsuyoshi Kohsaka formed what is now regarded as MMA's first super-team, which they called "The Alliance". The three MMA pioneers met during their early days in the sport, while fighting in Japan. Smith's kickboxing prowess, Shamrock's submission grappling acumen, and Kohsaka's TK guard were thus instilled upon each other, emphasizing the importance of cross-training in multiple disciplines, which is now the backbone training methodology within every major training camp in the sport today.

    One of the most memorable moments in the history of "The Alliance" came on a late July evening in 1997, when Smith defeated the first-ever UFC heavyweight champion and future UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman in the epic main event of UFC 14. This fight was highlighted by the iconic image of Shamrock hanging over the side of the cage imploring Smith to dig deep after regulation time had ended. Smith's superior striking and conditioning would see him take over the two extra overtime periods to capture the UFC heavyweight title.

    Now just a little over 14 years and 8 months after that historic night, Smith and Shamrock will reunite and look to recapture that magical chemistry, as Smith returns to the cage on Friday night. Smith's fight against Cordoba and the rest of the main card taking place at RFA 2 on Friday, March 30th will stream live online at The event will emanate from the 5,000-seat Viaero Event Center in Kearney, Nebraska.

    Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) was founded in 2011 and includes a number of prominent businessmen, fight promoters, matchmakers, and others with successful careers in hosting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) shows across the United States. To learn more, check out their website at



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    Wow, age 50. Now that is

    Wow, age 50. Now that is something to brag about. There will be a lot of men who will wish they would have stayed in shape. Not a whole lot of guys that age can still fight. I'm rooting for him.


    It seems the older we get the less we can do unless we keep ourselves in shape by saving money to be able to do the things we love for many years.

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