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Babe of the month, May 2002, Elisabeth Christine

    Fri, 2004-09-03 19:16 — Scott Proffitt

    Elisabeth Christine
    24 Years Old
    Measurements 34DD-27 (That was all I wanted to hear!)

    My hobbies are, I am kind of a boring person but I llike biking, working out, Baseball games (NOT ON TV) actually any kind of sports. I am interested in Photography and traveling and I love to be on the back of a motorcycle!

    My Turn ons? Well I like a guy that challenges me and keeps me guessing. He has to be spontanious and have a great sense of humor. Confidence is a major issue! A guy that works out is good cause of the strength. He has to keep up with me!Last but not least a good HARD slap on the ass is good too!

    Now the turn offs! (Pay attention guys) Superficial people really turn me off! There are so many of thse kinds of people! Oh and insecure people (guys) just drive me crazy!

    Whats in my future? Well I want to go back to school maybe to get photography a try. Drama for my acting but mostly for the posing I want to do in front of the camera. Basically I want to see how far i can go for my modeling carer.
    I dont have any favorite movies but the music I like alot is techno, Hip Hop just about anything they play on the radio. I really like varity in my life! Oh I love the TV show the Sopranos!

    I hope you guys like the pictures and I want to say thanks to Scott and Brian from Gumby and Scotty for all this support and Gumby I'll see you soon! ("Yipee!" -Gumby)

    We don't have an e-mail address for Elisabeth yet, but if you'd like to send her a message, book her for modeling jobs or appearances or just say hello we'll be happy to pass it along -Gumby

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