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Beat Workout Boredom with BJJ

    Tue, 2012-06-12 16:18 — IndianapolisJiuJitsu

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    Are you tired of your mundane gym routine?  Sick of going through the same motions without getting results?  Hitting brick walls with progress and are ready to quit? 

    An BJJ coach would be the first to tell you it's time for a change, and testing your courage with a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class is a great place to start.

    Why a BJJ Class?

    An BJJ Coach knows that these mixed martial arts classes are going to challenge you like no other.  You will face challengers physically, mentally and emotionally, and this will make you stronger as a whole.

    A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at a Jiu Jitsu Academy will:

    • invigorate you
    • make you smarter
    • make you stronger
    • improve self-esteem
    • educate you on important life lessons
    • improve your defensive techniques

    Talk about exhilarating!  An BJJ coach knows that you are going to get your body pumping in these sessions.  Moods flip to positive, and you literally become alive.  You will feel full of adrenaline and energy, and this will filtrate into your day, long after the class has ended.

    It's true!  An Jiu Jitsu coach understands these classes will help sharpen you up.  Getting your heart pumping is going to release endorphins that are going to help you relax and will clear your head.  These classes also work on focus, and this will make your mind sharper.

    Strength is important in any mixed martial arts class, and these classes will definitely add to your lean muscle mass.  These classes focus on muscle building maneuvers that are going to increase your strength and this will help you to excel in your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes.

    Self-esteem is something we all could use more of.  This is what determines what doors we will open and close in life and whether or not we are successful.  An Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu coach knows these classes set you up for success.  With each accomplishment, you will strive for more.

    Pushing your confidence and belief in yourself upward is all good for you!

    Life is all about learning, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sessions focus on learning the right things to do in life, the basic stuff - right from wrong, being positive, looking for the good in things, being humble, patient and empathetic. 

    An BJJ coach works with people to make them better from the inside out, and learning important life lessons that we often have forgotten about is incredibly important. 

    Leading by example is what mixed martial arts is all about, and this is something truly amazing.

    The technical goal of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class is to learn different techniques to defend yourself and your loved ones if something unfortunate arises.  It is not about being offensive or aggressive, and this is clearly laid out at the start.

    If you are looking to learn these powerful and dangerous skills for poor reasons, you will be asked to leave the class.  They take this very seriously. 

    A mixed martial arts class is all about positive learning and learning defensive skills while bettering yourself as a whole; it is truly amazing!

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