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Best of the West Tournament Update!

    Wed, 2005-04-06 22:45 — Scotty

    COMPLETE UPDATES (Revised 4/3/05)


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    The Best of the West will be open to men, women and youth 5-17 years old and held in the air conditioned Redondo Union Gymnasium in Redondo Beach. Don`t miss the battle to be the "BEST in the WEST" located just 6 miles south of Los Angeles International airport and 2 blocks from the beach.


    Redondo Union H.S. Gymnasium

    631 Vincent Ct.

    Redondo Beach, CA 90277


    $50 for weight division and open weight • Guaranteed 2 fights

    Must be postmarked no later than April 18th, 2005

    At Door Registration - $70

    Spectator Tickets - $10

    Enrollment (3 options)


    1) Mail a signed entry form along with a money order or check made payable to:

    GTA Tournaments and mail to: 713 Torrance Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

    Download registration form here

    2) Register online: (Available April 8th)

    3) Night before or day of: Show up to either weigh-in time to register

    Weigh-Ins (2 options)

    1) Friday, April 22nd, 2005 between 9am-9pm at South Bay Jiu-Jitsu located at

    325 Pacific Coast Hwy., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

    2) Saturday, April 23rd, 2005 between 7am-8:30am at the tournament location. Anyone arriving after 8:30am will be penalized an additional $15

    There will be no weight allowance. If an athlete is within 3 pounds of their weight class they will have until 9am on the day of to make weight.

    Schedule You will be disqualified if not present by the listed times.

    Children and Teens: 9am

    Mens Novice (below 180): 9:45am

    Mens Novice (above 180): 10:30pm

    Mens Beginners (below 180): 11am

    Mens Beginners (above180): 12pm

    Womens Beginner and Advanced: 1pm

    Mens Intermediate: 1:30pm

    Masters & Executives Advanced: 2pm

    Masters & Executives Beginner: 3pm

    Mens Advanced Adult: 3:30pm

    RATED Season Point Accumulation

    5 Star Rated Event

    All competitors that place in the top four places will be awarded Rating points for the season tally.

    Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Redondo Beach Marina overlooks Seaside Lagoon, the Pier, the Marina, the Boardwalk, is attached to a Gold`s Gym and includes a complimentary membership for the duration of your stay. There is also a large pool on the roof overlooking everything the entire ocean. There is an abundance of shopping, dining, sport fishing, and more right across the street from your front steps.

    Ocean view rooms $109 a night for 4 persons. 4 people per room = $27 a night.

    (310) 318-8888 (Group code= GTA)

    300 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

    Travelers Hostel on the Hermosa Beach Pier Promenade for $14 a night. Call now to reserve you spot. Located above Hermosa Beach`s prime nightlife! (310) 798-2323

    Free Boarding will be offered by the South Bay Jiu-Jitsu Academy. They will be opening their academy and shower to athletes that cant afford the hotel or hostel. The academy is on the same street the tournament location and airport are on. Its located at 325 Pacific Coast Hwy., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 - Located a ½ mile up the street from the tournament location. Bring a sleeping bag!

    Here are two links for more information on the area:

    Map of the vicinity:

    Air Travel

    Oakland, San Francisco or Sacramento $98 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Las Vegas $78 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Phoenix $78 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Reno $148 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Salt Lake City $138 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Philadelphia $158 roundtrip to Los Angeles
    Portland, Seattle or Tacoma $179 roundtrip to Los Angeles
    St Louis $198 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Albuquerque $230 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Boise $230 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Baltimore $200 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Chicago Midway, IL $220 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Columbus, OH $178 roundtrip to Los Angeles

    Ground Transportation

    From LAX Airport: Yellow Cab $17 to Hostel or Academy, $18 to event location or group hotel. All the above locations are within comfortable walking distance.

    Super Shuttle from LAX to Crowne Plaza Hotel is $13 each way. Be sure to mention Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach for discount.


    Coaches will be required to check-in online via email and provide a list of registered students to receive credentials. Email for credentials.

    Rules • Updated for 2005 Season • A rules video will be played all day at the registration table.

    No-Gi Skill Levels:
    Novice: Less than 9 months
    Beginner: Nine months to 18 months
    Intermediate: 18 months to 36 months
    Advanced: More than 36 months (3 years)
    Children/Teens: Beginner = Less than 12 months • Advanced = 12 months or greater
    Women: Beginner - Less than 12 months • Advanced - 12 months or greater
    Executive: 35-45 years - Beginner = Less than 12 months • Advanced = 12 months or greater

    Masters: Over 45 years - Beginner = Less than 12 months • Advanced = 12 months or greater

    Length of Matches:
    Novice: 4 minutes
    Beginner: 4 minutes
    Intermediate: 5 minutes
    Advanced: 6 minutes
    Children: 3 minutes

    Teens: 4 minutes
    Women: Beginner = 5 minutes • Advanced = 6 minutes
    Executive/Masters: Beginner = 5 minutes • Advanced = 6 minutes

    Men's No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Flyweight: 139.9 lbs. and below
    Featherweight: 140-149.9 lbs.
    Lightweight: 150-159.9 lbs.
    Welterweight: 160-169.9 lbs.
    Middleweight: 170-179.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 180-189.9 lbs.
    Light-Heavyweight: 190-199.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 200-209.9 lbs.
    Super heavyweight: 210 lbs. and over

    Children`s No-Gi Weight Classes: Rough guideline. Youth will be matched as closely as possible.

    Bantamweight: 50 lbs. and below
    Flyweight: 50-59.9 lbs.
    Featherweight: 60-69.9 lbs.
    Lightweight: 70-79.9 lbs.
    Welterweight: 80-94.9 lbs.

    Middleweight: 94-109.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 110-124.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 124 lbs. and over

    Teen No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Lightweight: 114.9 lbs. and below
    Welterweight: 115-129.9 lbs.
    Middleweight: 130-149.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 150-169.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 170 lbs. and over

    Women's No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Class A: 119.9 lbs and below
    Class B: 120-134.9 lbs.
    Class C: 135-149.9 lbs.
    Class D: 150 lbs. and over
    Women's Absolute: Open Weight, Open Skill

    Executive & Masters No-Gi Weight Classes:
    Lightweight: 159.9 lbs and below
    Middleweight: 160-179.9 lbs.
    Cruiserweight: 180-199.9 lbs.
    Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over

    Point System:
    Takedown landing in Half or Full Guard: 2 points
    Takedown landing in Side Control or Mount: 3 points
    Sweep or Reversal w/ legs: 2 points
    Passing Opponent's Guard: 3 points
    Mounted Position: 4 points
    Back Control w/ Hooks: 4 points
    (All positions must be held for minimum 3 seconds)

    1. Hygiene: At weigh-ins all competitors will be checked for communicable diseases, not limited to but including ring-worm, staph, herpes and impetigo

    2. Tie Breakers: There will be a 1 minute overtime in the event of a draw. At the end of the 1 minute overtime if there were no points scored, it will immediately turn to sudden death overtime in which the first point scored gets the victory. The stalling rule will be enforced with ZERO tolerance in overtime. The referee will give 2 warnings and you will be deducted -1 point and given the loss. If you want the victory, your going to have to fight for it..

    3. No Stalling: The referee will issue warning for the 1st offense of stalling (i.e. backing out of the guard without engaging, butt scooting, fleeing the ring to avoid takedown/submission attempts). The 2nd offense will result in a 2 point deduction. A 3rd offense will result in a 3 point deduction. A 4th offense will result in a DQ.

    4. Leg Locks: Heel Hooks, Twisting Leg Locks, and Neck Cranks are ILLEGAL in all Youth, Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Executive and Masters divisions.

    5. Illegal Techniques: No strikes, biting, eye gouging (includes chin to eye), head butting, small join manipulation (finger and toe locks), hair pulling, or ear pulling.

    6. Slamming: ZERO tolerance on slamming. This is to avoid slamming to escape the guard and various submissions from the guard. A competitor will be immediately disqualified. NOTE: Takedowns are not considered slamming, unless intent to injure is determined by the referee.

    7. Code of Conduct: We will be enforcing a zero tolerance rule on disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing referees or staff at any time before, during or after the event. If any spectator, coach or competitor threatens or abuses the referee in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building.

    8. Attire: Wrestling shoes, boardshorts, fight shorts, singlets, gi pants, rashguards, t-shirts, tank tops, knee pads (not braces), headgear, cups and mouth pieces will all be permitted

    9. Youth Divisions: Youth 4-14 years old will be matched within a year or two of their age and no more than 10 pounds. Never will we make mismatched brackets in a GTA sanctioned event. If a youth has no match at their weight, they will be awarded a medal in their respective division and given the opportunity to match up against the closest opponent.

    Driving directions

    From Northern California, Oregon, Washington: Take I-99 or I-5 south to the I-405 south. Take 405 south to Howard Hughes Parkway. Exit Howard Hughes, turn right then turn left on Sepulveda Blvd. Follow Sepulveda (Sepulveda becomes P.C.H.) south to Diamond street. Make a left on Diamond and gymnasium is on right side at top of hill.

    From Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Eastern California: Take either I-15, I-40, I-60 or I-10 to I-91 beach cities. Follow I-91 west to the end. I-91 will turn into Artesia Blvd. Continue west on Artesia until you hit Pacific Coast Highway. Make a left onto P.C.H. and follow south until you reach Diamond St. Make a left on Diamond and gym is on the right side at the top of the hill.

    From San Diego and Orange County: Take I-405 North until you reach Artesia Blvd. Make a right onto Artesia and continue west until you reach Pacific Coast Highway. Make a left onto P.C.H. and follow south until you reach Diamond St., make a left on Diamond and the gym is on the right side at the top of the hill.


    Adults will receive 1st - 3rd place heavy high quality medals. Youth and teens will receive the same although ALL YOUTH will receive participation awards.
    Check out our website for video downloads, pictures, discussion forums, tournament registration, ect.........

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