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Black Belt Grand Prix Videos!

    Thu, 2007-08-30 09:09 — OntheMat

    Black Belt Grand Prix DVDs

    Each event is just 19.95, or we have a special on the four pack for 69.95 (save $10)!

    Professional Jiu Jitsu, from Brazil

    OTM just got in these great PROFESSIONAL Black belt matches from Brazil. On four DVDs, for just 19.95 each, or save $10 when you order the four pack at $69.95

    Great line ups on each event, the events take Jiu Jitsu to the next level, the PROFESSIONAL level

    We have included two sample videos for your enjoyment:

    First off Pablo Rodrigo vs Fredson Paixao in an exciting match.

    Then we have UFC heavyweight contender Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga as he takes on Eduardo Landin

    Check them out and don't delay, order your DVDs today!

    Straight from Brazil!

    Some of the top Black Belts in the world are brought together in a unique event where sport jiu jitsu is elevated to a professional setting. A raised stage, multiple television camera and a full audience brings this event to the next level.

    Black Belt Grand Prix 1

    Bruno Bastos vs Gabriel Vella
    Leonardo Leite vs Paulo Steckter
    Alexander "Cafe" Dantes vs Diego Latovie
    Ricardo Bastos vs Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz
    Xande Ribeiro vs Roberto Tozzi

    Black Belt Grand Prix 2

    Marcio "Pe do Pano" Cruz vs Luis "Big Mac" Fernando
    Xande Ribeiro vs Arthur Cezar "Gogo"
    Ricardo Bastos vs Roberto Godoi
    Roberto Tozzi vs Roberto Taz
    Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga vs Eduardo Landin

    Black Belt Grand Prix 4

    Leonardo Santos vs Tiago Gomes Dias
    Marcio Feitosa vs Rodrigo Damm
    Fredson Alves vs Gustavo Falcirolli
    Reinaldo Ribeiro vs Danny Abu
    Carlos Eduardo "Portugues" vs Luciano "Casquinha" Nunes
    Daniel Moraes vs Ocimar Costa
    Fredson Paixao vs Laercio Fernandes
    Mario Reis vs Leandro Fidelis
    Leonardo Santos vs Gustavo Falcirolli
    Marcio Feitosa vs Reinaldo Ribeiro
    Luciano Nunes vs Fredson Alves
    MArio Reis vs Daniel Moraes

    Black Belt 2 Desafio

    Bibiano Fernandez vs Marcelo Santos
    Pablo Rodrigo vs Fredson Paixao
    Marcos Barbosa vs Carlos Eduardo Viera
    Eduardo Conceiao vs Adriano Maciel
    Fabio Nascimento vs Roger Coelho
    Delson "Pe de Chumbo" Heleno vs Eduardo Santoro
    Jefferson Moura vs Bruno Bastos
    Eduardo Telles vs Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga
    Claudio Godoy vs Phelippe Lyra
    Roberto Tozzi vs Fernando Paradeda

    Each event is just 19.95, or we have a special on the four pack for 69.95 (save $10)!

    DVDs are NTSC and Area free.

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