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Born to Fight V Press Release

    Sun, 2005-07-03 22:30 — Patty Le

    BORN TO FIGHT is an annual amateur kickboxing event focused around San Shou, also known as Chinese Kickboxing. The largest of its kind in the US, this event is one of the best venues for a young fighter to try his San Shou skills as well as a premier display of San Shou at its best.

    Learn San Shou NOW !!
    This is the essential instructional DVD for learning the fundamentals of San Shou. Cung Le teaches you the movements behind San Shou strikes. Every BTF fighter absolutely needs to learn these moves.

    This year’s event is on track to achieve the same great success as BORN TO FIGHT I through IV. In fact, with
    interest already brewing from some of the approximate 3500 attendees of last years packed house it will be more than explosively exciting. We are confident with many returning competitors from backgrounds in point fighting, Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Olympic style Tae Kwon Do that the fight for a coveted BORN TO FIGHT Gold Medal will be challenging, but in the reach of all that train hard as champions. To add to the excitement and prestige, the best fights of the tournament are being filmed for a documentary pilot. The grand experience of SUPER FIGHT NIGHT will be sure to impress all spectators. This year the reputation of BORN TO FIGHT transcends international borders to bring top amateur competitors from other parts of the world as well as some of our own top amateur champions. Obtaining a BORN TO FIGHT title is one of the most prestigious of the year. This will be an event to remember for all who wish to see the world champions of the future.

    The Team Trials for the USA San Shou Team will be held at BORN TO FIGHT during the day time tournament. Every other year, the USA sends some of its best San Shou fighters to compete in a San Shou worldwide championship for the ultimate test of skills. In 2003, The USA team comprised 5 men and 4 women. Competition was fierce but the team managed to bring home one bronze, one silver, and one gold medal. The gold medal the USA\'s first ever and was won by veteran BORN TO FIGHT fighter Elaina Maxwell. This year\'s world championships will be held in Vietnam in December, and Cung Le will be heading up the training for the team.

    Experienced San Shou fighters are welcomed to try out for the team. Trials are held in a tournament like elimination. To qualify for the trials, you must first become a member of the USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation (USAWKF). Annual membership is $25. Access to sign up. Then you must register for fighting using the standard BORN TO FIGHT V application. Indicate on your registration that you are trying out for the USA team. Registration fee of $60 for the team trials is separate from the fees for the BORN TO FIGHT tournament.

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