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The Brangelina Nose is Coming!!

    Fri, 2010-10-08 00:32 — Scotty

    Now that my back has started to heal up, I have decided to reward myself with a really vain nose job. My whole life I have not liked my nose, since I was a freshman in high school and the girl I liked a lot then mad fun of my nose. I have been really insecure about it ever since.

    So I am treating myself to a new nose. I went to the nose doctor and he gave me a book of noses to look at to pick from. The book had a ton of different noses in it and he told me I could pick any nose I wanted out.

    As I flipped through the pages of people's noses, I asked the doctor if i could combine the look of two noses. He said we could do whatever I want and just then, as I was flipping the pages I saw it. The idea I had for a nose became perfectly clear. There on the page was pictures of the two best looking people in the world. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it was a total AH HA moment! 

    I am going to combine both their noses. I am going to get one side a Brad Pitt nose and the other side Angelina Jolie! This has never been done before and I think it will finally get me the fame I have always craved!  I will become the OctoMom of nose jobs! I have contacts over at TMZ and they are going to cover the whole event!!

    I will look like a different person depending on which side of my profile you look at! And both sides will be based on the best looking people in the world! Amazing!! Genius I know!

    So stay tuned to the site and tune in to TMZ to see my new nose blossom!


    KibunInc's picture

    I could have given you a

    I could have given you a photo of me to show the doctor then you could have asked him to make you into a male model like me. :)

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    Gumby's picture

    Isn't your nose going in two

    Isn't your nose going in two different directions as it is?  This doesn't seem like that complicated of a surgery then!

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