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Brazilian Top Team Training Representitive

    Fri, 2004-09-03 19:21 — Scotty

    Hot to Train with the Brazilian Top Team

    There are some options of accommodation in Rio. We are still checking the prices of the hotels near by Brazilian Top Team. BTT is located right in front of Lagoa between Ipanema e Leblon. One of the nicest neighborhoods in Rio.

    The price range for a single room in hotels goes from US$ 45,00 to US$ 70,00 per day including breakfast. You also could rent an apartment from US$ 550,00 to US$ 1000,00 a month or rent a room of one of the BTT students from US$ 200,00 to US$ 400,00 a month.

    BTT basic training fee is US$ 100,00 per month. One session every day from Monday through Saturday (US$ 130,00 twice a day). Gi and no gi classes.

    There are also muay Thai, boxing classes (Muay Thai and boxing instructors classes available for an extra fee) and private classes with Murilo, Bebeo or Sperry upon their availability (US$100 per class).

    Any other black belt instructor private lessons: Private - US$ 30 (1 lesson) - US$ 125 (5 lessons) - US$ 200 (10 lessons) groups of 4 - US$ 100 (1 lesson) - US$ 400 (5 lessons) - US$ 600 (10 lessons)

    A taxi from the Airport to BTT will cost about US$ 20. Bus transportation lines in Rio cost $.42 one way. The hotels are 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from BTT.

    A healthy meal would cost between US$ 4,00 and US$ 8,00.

    During July Liborio will be leading the BTT training sessions for the WORLD CUP.

    If you are interested in training at Top Team please email Bomba or Carlao.

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