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Carelia Fight 3 - official results

    Wed, 2007-09-05 08:45 — Tuomas Murdoch

    n the main event, local Finnish fighter Jarkko Latomäki suffered a submission loss to UFR Fight Team’s Aidan Marron. Other highlight’s of the event included Lucio Linhares’ dominating submission win over Matti Mäkelä and a light heavyweight war between Juha Saarinen and Magnus Cedenblad.

    Event: Carelia Fight 3

    Date: September 1st 2007

    City: Imatra

    Country: Finland

    Official results:

    1. 2x5 min (-71,5 kg)
    Joni Haahka - KKU, Finland vs J-P Vainikainen - Espoon Kehähait, Finland
    Winner: Vainikainen, unanimous decision

    2. 2x5 (-70 kg)
    Tuomo Turkia - MMA Lappeenranta, Finland vs O-P Puhakka - MMA Imatra, Finland
    Winner: Turkia, unanimous decision

    3. 2x5 min (-84 kg)
    Matias Säkkinen - MMA Rovaniemi, Finland vs Mikko Koivumäki - GB Gym Turku, Finland
    Winner: Koivumäki, TKO 1. round at time 5.00

    4. 2x5 min (-77 kg)
    Alpo Kautonen - MMA Imatra, Finland vs Sergei Jushkevich -Lithuania
    Winner: Jushjevich, submission (triangle) 1. round at time 2.01

    5. 2x5 min (-93 kg)
    Juha Saarinen - MMA Lappeenranta, Finland vs Magnus Cedenblad - Brasa, Sweden
    Winner: Saarinen, technical submission (armbar), 2. round at time 2.07

    6. 2x5 min (-60 kg)
    Heikki Tiilikka - MMA Rauma, Finland vs Erikas Suslovas - Lithuania
    Winner: Tiilikka, submission (armbar) 1. round at time 1.31

    7. 2x5 min (-77 kg)
    Jani Ketolainen - MMA Imatra, Finland vs Zoz Touati - Pancrase Gym, Sweden
    Winner: Ketolainen, submission (sidechoke) 1. round at time 1.28

    8. 2x5 min (-65 kg)
    Olli Hartikainen - GB Gym Helsinki, Finland vs Sergei Greicicho - Lithuania
    Winner: Greicicho, submission (triangle) 2. round at time 1.45

    9. 2x5 min (-77 kg)
    Ville Räsänen - MMA Imatra, Finland vs Fredrik Klingsell - Brasa, Sweden
    Winner: Räsänen, submission (choke) 1. round at time 3.07

    10. 3x5 min (-84 kg)
    Lucio Linhares - Alliance, Brasilia vs Matti Mäkelä - Pancrase Gym, Sweden
    Winner: Linhares, submission (rnc) 2. round at time 1.53

    11. 3x5 min (-73 kg)
    Jarkko Latomäki - MMA Lappeenranta vs Aidan Marron - UFR Fight Team, Ireland
    Winner: Marron, technical submission (triangle) 1. round at time 1.59

    On behalf of the Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation,

    Tuomas Murdoch
    Vice Chairman, FMMAF

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