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Combat Corner ECO Series Kimono Review

    Sun, 2011-08-28 14:24 — bjjbo

     Company Name:  Combat Corner  

    Kimono Model:  ECO Series - white

    Weave:  Single Weave

    Weight:  550g

    Durability:  8 (10 being best) 10

    Color:  White or Blue

    How to wash:  Warm or Cold wash & machine or hang dry

    Shrinkage:    Minimal Shrinkage

    Price:  $80.00 (+$5 for blue)

    Does it meet IBJJF regulations:  YES

    Size Chart:  Traditional Sizing (See Below)
    Company History: Established in 2007 by Professional Fighters, on a mission to create top quality equipment at a reasonable price. Using today’s best raw materials and cutting edge designs Combat Corner Professional has quickly become a contender in the MMA, BJJ & Thai Boxing equipment scene.

    Jacket:  The jacket is 100 percent cotton constructed with a 1 piece design to allow strength & comfort. The heavy duty foam filled lapel allows for firm & fast drying times. The jacket skirt is shortened & sleeves are tapered for more of a jiu jitsu cut kimono. Being 100 percent cotton this kimono is super soft & strong and after washing 2-3 times a week for two months it still feels like I just took it out of the package. The logo patches are minimal which allows you to not look like a billboard for the company.

    Pants: The pants are also 100 percent cotton with heavy duty 4 loop draw string design. The 4 loop draw string design helps distribute stress and improve comfort, and also allowing the drawstring to stay in place & not ride up on your hip or give you opponent or partner and extra grip. The knees are heavily reinforced to prevent tears or rips.

    Reinforcements: The pants are reinforced at the openings of the draw strings and over the knees to mid-shin. The jacket has a thick, well made collar and solid stitching also with reinforcement areas in armpit area.

    Shrinkage: Was very minimal, normally since being tall & average sized, I am on the taller end of the sizing chart which makes finding the perfect fit kimono hard. The A3 fit me a little bigger then I would have liked, but fit a lot better than most companies on the market. I tried to shrink it as much as possible but even washing & drying it in warm water & medium heat it did not help. I would recommend trying to wash it in hot water & dry on high heat if you are looking for shrinkage.
    Training Time: 2-4 days per week.

    Summary: Amazing value for the price. Combat Corner has put together a perfect kimono for a beginner looking for a kimono that will last for a while. With the kimono being inexpensive and also includes a white belt with it, this allows there consumers to save money & have a kimono which will last

I am not sponsored by any company nor do I endorse any one brand. I am just your average bjj enthusiast who enjoys helping the jiu jitsu community by providing my own opinions and knowledge.

    Special Thanks: To Combat Corner for allowing me to conduct this review & look forward to working with them in the future.

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