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Copa do Brasil de Jiu Jitsu 2004

    Tue, 2004-10-12 20:55 — Denis Martins

    Copa do Brasil de Jiu Jitsu 2004 September 26th in Botafogo Futebol e Regatas Gymnasium – RIO DE JANEIRO Copa do Brasil de Jiu Jitsu 2004 September 26th in Botafogo Futebol e Regatas Gymnasium - RIO DE JANEIRO

    FINALLY!!!! What is that? Well, finally I can leave a BJJ tournament where 90% of the matches were real or happened. Lately the BJJ event organized either CBJJO or CBJJ are in the same pace. With fighters from the same team on the final; sharing the first place with a fake-fight, or worst not fighting. Copa do Brasil 2004 didn't have much very known names, but all fighters were disposed at fighting. Only one of the 11 weight-classes, two fighters from the same team were on the final. This was the medio, where Leonardo Pesanha and Ricardo Bastos from Nova Uniao shared the first. The other classes were total action, good battles and unexpected results. CBJJO ever has success in its initiatives; with a creation of two Absolutes - light and heavy - improved a lot the competition because lighter guys never jeopardize themselves at taking part of the absolute. Leonardo Santos is the man, after to winning the black-belt GP, he captured once again the Copa do Mundo title and now he won his weight class and the light-absolute in Copa do Brasil. Black-belts results: -Galo- Rafael Barros (Nova Uniao) beat Marcio Pontes (Nova Uniao-AM) by referee decision, [0-0 points, 2-2 advantages] A close fight on the galo weight, not one got points and the advantages came. Barros fought on the bottom and made an effort to pass the guard of Pontes, he didn't but got two advantages due to that. Pontes tried to work from the bottom, and with sweeps attempts he tie the match in 2-2 in advantages. On the final the referee considered that Barros, who kept on the top all time, was the winner. -Pluma- Bernardo 'Pitel' (Nova Uniao) beat Felipe Costa (Brasa) by triangle in 1:11 Both fighters tried to pull the fight to the guard, but Costa didn't get and stayed on the top. Quick like a flash, Pitel sunk a triangle and Costa didn't believe, when he felt the pressure of this triangle it was already late; and he had no choice but to tapout tapout in 1:11. -Pena- Gustavo Faciolli (BTT) beat Felipe Vidal (Nova Uniao) by 2-0 Vidal began pulling the Faciolli for the guard and he didn't work nothing more. They stayed in same position for a log time, until the referee re-start the fight on the feet and pounded Vidal with -1. On the feet again, Vidal pulled Faciolli, but Faciolli worked better and gained the half guard followed by a nice guard passage. -Leve- Leonardo Santos (Nova Uniao) beat Tiago Alves (Barbosa JJ) by 4-1 advantages, [2-2 points] Nobody knows who Alves was, but this new fighter proved his value at making two tough matches against Leonardo Santos. On the first, he took the Santos down first and before that he had gotten 1 advantage. But Santos with his smart game on the bottom swept Alvez and acquired 4 advantages by attempts of grabbing the backs twice and two others for pass the guard. The fight was very balanced. -Medio- Ricardo Bastos (Nova Uniao) and Leonardo Pecanha (Nova Uniao-Campos) shared the first place -Meio-Pesado- Bruno Bastos (Nova Uniao) beat Delson 'Pe-de-Chumbo' (Gracie Barra-PitBull) by 5-2 The best fight of the event. Bastos wanted to prove that he is ready to face tough opponents anyway, while 'Pe-de-Chumbo' is coming from a irregular JJ career where he has more defeats than victories. The pace on the feet was funny when a hip-hop song was being played by the DJ (50 Cent-P.I.M.P.) and both fighters started at dancing. After this funny moment, Bastos pulled to the half-guard worked the sweep and got it over 'Pe-de-Chumbo', passing the guard immediately. The score was 5-0 and 'Pe-de-Chumbo', once again in his fights, didn't show any worry and the time elapsed until 'Pe-de-Chumbo' return the sweep over Bastos, but no way of revert the score and Bastos won by 5-2. -Pesado- Fabio Nascimento (Lotus Club) beat Renato Ferro (BTT) by leglock in 6:40 Ferro was like a crazy-horse, we saw too much will, too much heart and too much efforts to finish the fight quick. Nascimento by his side, was so relaxed and waited calmly for each one of the movements of Ferro. Ferro pulled Nascimento to the guard, tried sweeps all time and didn't stop anyway. So Ferro got a reversal and dropped on the Nascimento's half-guard that with a smart movement, grab one of the Ferro's leg finishing the fight via leg-log. Nobody saw clearly what Nascimento did to finish the fight via leg-lock, since both fighters were with the backs for us(the reporters) and the submission was too much different and opportune. -Super-Pesado- Roberto Tozi (BTT) beat Rodrigo Poderoso (Projeto Rocinha) by W.O. I never saw or heard this before on my career of correspondent. A fighter to be disqualified by W.O. on the final of an event where the prize is money, well there're crazy people for all kind of situations. -Pesadissimo- Leonardo Leite (Brasa) beat Andre Castro (Nova Uniao) by 2-0 Castro was taller and heavier than Leite, but the Judo aspects were primordial for Leite to capture the first place. On the beginning of the match, Castro tried several double-leg attempts, while Leite, besides avoid the attacks, looked for a better grab on the gi of Castroto throw him. The fight went out of the mat several times, because both fighters wanted to put the opponent on the ground through takedowns. After containing his initiative of throwing Leite, Castro tested the Leite's game on the feet and for that he was taken down when Leite shoot a perfect throw. Castro wanted to comeback to his feet, however Leite kept him on the ground and won the prize. -Absoluto Leve- Leonardo Santos beat Tiago Alves by lapel's choke in 8:40 This fight solved itself in only 2 minutes, the other 6 minutes both fighters kept themselves on the feet, at the looking for a better position to take the fight down. It was not easy to watch 6 minutes of study on the feet, until Santos took Alves down and worked fast from the side to the backs of Alves. From there he applied a lapel's choke and rolled; deepening his choke a bit more and conquering a second victory over Alves on the same day. -Absoluto Pesado- Roberto Tozi beat Ricardo Bastos by 2-0 Tozi is known like a fighter who does not develop well the fight-game and he did not do different this time. With around 20kg over Bastos; Tozi did not accept the pulls to the guard of Bastos and did stall the fight until gas out Bastos that was surrounded by a de-ashi-barai. On the mat, he kept himself on the top without any attempt of pass the guard, at least. While Bastos made a lot of effort to move/to sweep that boat that anchored on his guard, but no success on making it and Tozi got the 1st place on the podium.

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