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Crocotá talks about win in Jungle Fight

    Mon, 2010-03-29 19:21 — SilvaBR

     After the great win against Pedro Irie with a guillotine choke, last Jungle Fight´s edition, Edilberto Crocotá, a training´s partner of Junior dos Santos, talked with us about your victory and next plans.
    Crocotá, you won a fight against a great fighter in your division in Brazil that is Pedro Iriê. You thought it would be as easy as it was?

    Every fight I do I prepare like it's my first fight. I was sure that he was a very experienced guy and has a right cross very strong. I saw several knockouts that he applied, he is a guy completely, but I was sure that if he was calling me to the floor, I'd make a good fight and the fight would be in my favor. I wanted to make a good fight as it happened, I respect all people from São Paulo and I love to come here. I take the sport as a joke, I'm an artist when I'm on top of the ring, so I have to represent very well. I like to try to bring the public back inside the ring. We prepared a lot, we are aware, strong trained twice a day, do not use drugs or alcohol and are always in favor of the sport. We do this wonderful job bringing joy to the viewers at home and for the audience. I want to return to the UFC. Does anyone want to see me more!

    How master Dórea trained you for this fight?

    The master Dórea is a guy who has much experience in boxing, helps me a lot, so the training I had with him, he told me that the guy was a heavy cross, direct jabs and line blows. He is in the U.S. to Dos Santos’s fight that is tomorrow, but I used much that he taught me. I thank him for this victory, my friends, Leo, Jota, Joaquin who is a lawyer, Lula Molusco, Naílson, Renato Belami that is a corner that supports me a lot, and everyone who supported me during training.
    And What is coming next?
    I don´t know yet, maybe I will fight in WFE. I hope to fight more and more, and I´d like to fight against the best fighters of my country and, when I come back to U.S., I´ll be ready to face anyone. 

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