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Eating at the Pet Shop, Lunch in China.

    Fri, 2010-05-14 11:37 — Scotty

    Today I was home resting, cause I hurt my back and all this traveling on busses, vans, cabs, and planes has really jacked up my back.  So I couldn't take the 3 hours to the factory and 3 hours back. So I stayed back and relaxed.  I just got up to go eat in the hotel restaurant. 


    Most of the hotels we stay in have a western menu, but this place is way out in north China and there were no other westerners around here.  So they had no menu in English or anyone that could speak English to help.  So I had to try to figure this one out. 


    First they lead me to a table, Coke is one word that is understood worldwide. Talk about branding. So ordered a Coke and then lead me to another room. I thought I was going to a buffet, which would have been great so I could see what I was getting. But it wasn't. They took me to pick out my food, but not from a buffet. Looked more like the pet shop at home. Check out the pics.  Turtles, snakes, snails, sharks, shrimp, other fish, crabs, lobsters, and more!


    Well I couldn't figure out how to pick a good bull frog out for cooking, so I decided to hit up the KFC next door.  Turned out to be a worse idea. That KFC chicken nuggets are so greasy, they are killing my belly. I got the burps like you can't believe.  


    Even worse, while I was getting food, I got hit by a crazy lady on a scooter. Didn't hurt me, but she hit me from behind and it scared the crap out of me! 



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    i would have left

    i would have left too!!! hahaha

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