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Eduardo Pamplona comments on cancellation of Shine Fights

    Wed, 2010-05-26 13:02 — SilvaBR

    Elevated to one of the major fights of Shine Fights, on May 15, Eduardo Pamplona lamented the cancellation of the event, which happened just hours before he was to climb into the ring. The fighter told us how it happened.
    "I prepared myself for two months, including the opponent had changed from last time", he said, "I arrived there prepared, in weight, but inside the gym the Athletic Commission canceled the event and left all Brazilians very upset. In the U.S., we do not have much support to know exactly what happened. Now that they're saying something, let's see what happens. "
    The fighter said that the Brazilian athletes who were scheduled to fight at the event wanted to fight even with the problem with the Athletic Commission, but it was not possible.
    "At the time that they told us about the problem with the Athletic Commission, which had not yet deposited the money, all Brazilians have agreed to fight. I was eager to fight, because I was right there. Unfortunately, in America this does not happen, had to be all right. "
    Back in Brazil, Pamplona hopes to return soon to practice and prepare for new challenges.
    "I'll take a break, but next week I return to training. I think in June or July I will fight in some event. I have great training here in São Paulo, the staff is very united, we have an excellent human material at our academy", he said, "I do not get discouraged, I'm quiet. Some bad stuff could turn nice in the future. I have no grudge against Shine and not with anyone. When I climb into the ring, I always try to win the fight, knocking out or submitting. "

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