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Escondido Tournament Results

    Tue, 2008-08-12 07:29 — Grappling-X

    Escondido Submission Grappling tournament
    August 9th

    Fight Lab 1st Place
    Throwdown Elite 2nd Place
    The Compound 3rd Place

    Outstanding Grappler
    Dominic Waters (Fight Club 29)
    Brian Gurgerty (City Boxing/ Throw Down)

    Kids Beginner 50 6 years old
    1st Justice Smith (Throwdown Elite)
    2nd Kenji Beato (PIMA)

    Kids Beginner 75 6-7 Years old
    1st Ryan Cosio (Fight Lab)
    2nd Enola Cabrera (Riverside Submission)

    Kids Beginner 80 6-7 Years old
    1st Enola Cabrera (Riverside Submission)
    2nd Rana Willink (Throwdown Elite)

    Kids Beginner 60 8-10 Years Old
    1st Roman Gonzalez (The Compound)
    2nd Royce Allas (Kims JJ)

    Kids Beginner 75 8-10 Years old
    1st Xavier Driskill (Fight Lab)
    2nd Noah Vernell (Fight Lab)

    Kids Advanced 80 12 Years old
    1st Alfredo "Tommy" Espinoza (Stronghold)
    2nd Dante Villarinho (Gracie JJ)

    Teens Beginner 100
    1st Corinne Allas (Kims JJ)

    Teens Beginner 110
    1st Reggie Salazar (Stronghold)
    1st Joshua Polinsky (The Dojo)

    Teens Beginner 130
    1st Austin Olshefski (Fight Lab)
    2nd Jose Cortez (Unleashed)

    Teens Beginner 150
    1st Tim Naas (Mica)

    Teens Beginner 170+
    1st Jason Hayek (Dojo Americana
    2nd Conner Penrod (The Compound)

    Womens Beginner 150
    1st Jennifer Ricci
    2nd Kaitland "Rex" Pye (Fight Lab)

    Masters Beginner 180
    1st Chuck Rubia (Kims JJ)
    2nd Chris Sove

    Masters Beginner 200
    1st Klaus Springer (Fight Club 29)
    2nd William Vernell (Fight Lab)

    Masters Beginner 201+
    1st James Blair (Kims JJ)
    2nd David Ross

    Adult Beginner 135
    1st Serio Sotelo
    2nd Alan Alba

    Adult Beginner 145
    1st Fidel Rojas (Gracie Barra)
    2nd Jason Cook (White Dragon)

    Adult Beginner 155
    1st Ramon Contreras
    2nd Brandon Fix (Unleashed)

    Adult Beginner 170
    1st Jason Herzog
    2nd Scott Cohen (Dojo Americana)

    Adult Beginner 185
    1st Dominic Waters (Fight Club 29)
    2nd Christopher Lloyd (Throwdown Elite)

    Adult Beginner 205
    1st Toby Gataviz
    2nd Robert Brown

    Adult Beginner 225
    1st Giovanni Gutierrez
    2nd Alvaro Perez (Fight Club 29)

    Adult Intermediate 135
    1st Kimo Lyan (Spike 22)
    2nd Nathan Litwin

    Adult Intermediate 145
    1st Jeremy Ferebee (StrongHold)
    2nd Dan Ward (Fight Lab)

    Adult Intermediate 155
    1st Eugene Neal (Unleashed)
    2nd Bruce Mathis (Martial Arts Life)

    Adult Intermediate 170
    1st Stephen Martinez (Millennia)
    2nd Adam Erwin (Triumph United)

    Adult Intermediate 185
    1st Brett Bannon (Throwdown Elite)
    2nd Steven Michael (Stronghold)

    Adult Intermediate 205
    1st Chris Lee (Compound)
    2nd Kylle Little (Team Quest)

    Adult Advanced 180
    1st Thiago Lopondo Dutra (City Boxing)
    2nd Brian Gurgerty (City Boxing/ Throw Down)

    Adult Advanced 205
    1st David Corson (Fight Lab)
    2nd Nick Stefan (Triumph United)
    Adult Advanced 225
    1st Travis Browne (Triumph United)
    2nd Chris Moore (Throwdown Elite)

    Adult Advanced Absolute
    1st Brian Gurgerty (City Boxing/ Throw Down)
    2nd David Corson (Fight Lab

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