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Escorrega Interview

    Tue, 2004-09-07 07:45 — Scotty

    Carlos "Escorrega" Lemos Pre Mundial de Jiu Jitsu interview 2002

    Carlos "Escorrega" Lemos Pre Mundial de Jiu Jitsu interview 2002

    OTM: How many times have you fought in the Mundials now?

    CLJ: Twice now, before I was pre qualified from my results during the year, but I have a kinda a curse or something in the Mundials. I got a bad boil a few years ago, after that I got an infection and some other problems. But the year that I won, 1999, I won with two broken ribs. In 2000 I has a controversial decision I took 3rd. This year I got something wrong with my jaw, but that only makes the challenge bigger.

    OTM: How do you prepare yourself both mentally and physically before the Mundials?

    CLJ: Mentally I try to always think about fighting. I try to imagine it like a model and I am fighting in my mind. When i start getting nervous I imaging a peaceful ocean or I am in a forest. This is a technique from the Myamotomusashi Samurai the largest samurai in Japan.

    OTM: Do you have any advice for people who are fighting in the Mundial for the first time?

    CLJ: I think the Mundial is a great tournament. But, It is not any bigger or harder than any other tournament in the world today. Today the Jiu Jitsu level spread in the US and of course in Brazil there are very high levels of fighters and competitors. I believe you just need to think you are in your academy training with your friends then you will see if you have a good team like we have here at Gracie Barra, you will see that nothing is like the training you already had at the academy.

    OTM: What do you think of the new confederation and new Mundial.

    CLJ: I completely disagree with that decision. Because, it has split the competitors to each side. On the other hand we live in a democracy so they can do what ever they want to. I think that Master Carlos Gracie is a good father and the results for Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful party that it the Worlds Tournament is the result of a life working for it. I think everyone should be at the party and make it bigger. But I think the Worlds are still going to be big and a great party. Everyone should come to fight in the Worlds.

    OTM: Anything else?

    CLJ: I want to thank fore sure the Lord Jesus Christ, my biggest sponsor. My Dad & Mom, my brothers in the United States. The family Gardner who I live with and also all my students in North Carolina.

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