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FIVE Grappling Presents Ontario 1 Friday June 28th, 2013 (Seminar) – Saturday June 29th, 2013 (Tournament)

    Mon, 2013-06-10 08:12 — OTM News

     After the headline making conference conducted in LA this past March, the team at FIVE Grappling was able to gather information from some of the industries top leaders on how to improve the competition experience. Not just for the competitors, but for the athletes, coaches, spectators and fans of the sports of BJJ and Grappling. Now, FIVE will be utilizing all this info, together with the latest in tournament technology, to bring to the people of Ontario Canada, its first ever event. The tournament has divisions for Men, Women, Children as well as Masters and Seniors. It will include the presence of some of the sports top luminaries. And if you want more reasons to compete, here they are:



    Every competitor will receive a Premium FIVE sports Bag


    Every competitor will receive a gift courtesy of STORM Kimonos brought by 27 time mundial champion Renato Laranja


    Each competitor will receive his own custom FIVE Lanyard and ID Card


    FREE HD Photography will be available so don’t stress if you forget your camera


    Reevo Submission Challenge! The first 300 competitors to win a match by submission receive a $20 gift certificate from Reevo.


    Huge Championship Medals to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners


    World Class Championship Belts to all Advanced and Expert division winners


    Exclusive access to register to our Super Seminar with Marcelo Garcia and Xande Ribeiro




    Arthur Chandramohan vs. Michael Lieira Jr (Purple Belt)


    Darson Hemmings vs. Gianni Grippo (Brown Belt)


    Thomas Beach vs. TBD (Due to Injury to Keenan Cornelius) (Brown Belt)











    Tournament Rules & Points:

    The tournament will follow the traditional BJJ point system and rule set, however the following are 3 major changes:



    All Adult (18-29) matches are 6 minutes.


    No Advantages are recorded. If neither competitor has scored or the score is tied, the referee will decide the winner based on the following criteria in this order of priority: whom they believe was closest to attaining submissions; achieved more dominant positions; showed more aggression in pressing the action; generally had more dominant control; penalties.


    In the instance when both competitors pull guard simultaneously, the competitor who comes to the top first and holds the position for a three count will receive two points.


    For more information and to register please go to

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