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Formiga talks about defending his Shooto title

    Mon, 2010-06-14 17:56 — SilvaBR

    After the great win over Alexandre Pantoja, the South-American Shooto Champion at 125-pounds, Jussier “Formiga”, talked with us about the fight.
    How was this fight?
    The fight was very tough. I already knew that Pantoja was a tough opponent, but thank God I came up with the right strategy, which was to attack, take him down and practice jiu-jitsu. Thank God everything went well. The fight was very tough, three rounds of striking and a lot of ground. Thank God I'm taking this belt to Natal again.
    You could cancel his game well. Every moment you tried to take the fight to the ground. How was it?
    I knew he was a fighter of Muay Thai, so I knew he would try to attack me, with kicks and knees. So, I came with a right strategy, keep a distance from him, hitting some jabs, practicing wrestling and take him to the ground. Thank God I could take him down and took this belt to Natal.
    You had problems before the fight. How was it?
    I was without a sponsor and had no one to pay my ticket and money for hosting me here in Rio. I had a friend of mine in Natal, Matheus Aquino, who helped me and talked with foreigners to hold me. Thanks also to foreigners who sent me money and paid my tickets. I thank not only to god, but also to those people who helped me to get here. This belt is for all those people who helped me.
    Now what's next goal?
    Now I'm training and waiting for another opportunity. I am awaiting a response from the Japanese and I hope they confirm for me to do another fight in Japan, perhaps win one more belt. Also I have a chance to fight in WEC, up to 56 Kg. I will train hard to achieve my goal, which is fighting in WEC.
    Thank you. Congratulations on your victory!
    Thank you. Thanks! 

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