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Gladiator Challenge 15

    Sun, 2004-09-05 12:28 — Scott Proffitt

    It was a cold wet night in the middle of nowhere, not only was it so dark that headlights didn`t do much good but with the rain falling so hard that driving was nearly impossible maybe even down right dangerous…

    It was a cold wet night in the middle of nowhere, not only was it so dark that headlights didn`t do much good but with the rain falling so hard that driving was nearly impossible maybe even down right dangerous… Oh sorry we were on our way to Eagle Mt. Casino and the weather sucked big time! For a sec there you thought it was going to be a story about drivers ed or something huh! If you have never been to a GC then my advice is check it out for Tedd and the guys put on a hell of a show. Some of the fights I have seen at GC have been the most ferocious fights I have ever seen. After we found our way there we got to sit in the wettest seats in the house but the fights made up for our lack of comfort. Fight #1: Adriana Nieto vs. Sloan Martoro: Nieto by Ref Stoppage 1:42 Round 2 These two obviously had the intent to KO each other as through out the entire two rounds they threw punches but to be honest the punches they were throwing were a bit ummmm…. off! They didn`t seem to have too much training behind them but made a great effort to get the win by KO and in the end it was Adriana Nieto by ref stoppage after she got the mount and punched her way to the win. Fight #2: Tyson Johnson vs. Joe Tanguma: Johnson by Choke 57 secs. Round 2 Tyson hadn`t fought in a while, I`m guessin its cause he`s been busy doing some announcing work. It really didn`t show that he had been lacking in training though as he was accurate as hell with his shots and his takedowns looked great. Tyson got a double leg early in the match, got caught in a guillotine but got out, this after he was dominating the stand up earlier in the round. Tyson worked from the guard with the ground a pound but at about 2:30 into round 1 got stood up. This looked to be a good thing for Joe but Tyson started working his stand up and throwing some low kicks that made Joe wobble a bit. Round two was controlling the stand up and got Joe in a standing guillotine/front head lock choke and literally yanked Joe to the ground and choked him for the win at 57 seconds into round 2. (On a personal note this was one of the better fights of the night!) Fight #3: Jake Hunter vs. Auggie Garcia: Hunter by KO 2:12 Round 1 So ya wanna se a fight huh. Ok, well Jake wanted to show everyone one too. There were just a flurry of punches in this bout as Jake lost the back mount in the earlier part of the round and at one point Auggie was complaining about knees the back and to the tailbone both of which are illegal so when it got stood up it got a bit personal but it was Jake that won the stand up and caught Auggie with a right that ended the match for a KO win for Jake. Fight #4: Chad Armstrong vs. Craig Eugene: Armstrong by Choke 1:21 Round 1 Well here we are already on the 4th match of the night and for the first minute it was all Chad but at one point it hit the ground Craig threw some illegal elbows into the back of Chad and it got stood up. When it did the punches began again and Craig seemed a bit overwhelmed as Chad got it back to the ground Craig turned and Chad sunk in a rear naked choke for the win. Fight #5: Eddie Calantis vs. Jason Kissee: Calantis by DQ 2:13 Round 2 This match started off with Jason throwing a spinning back fist that connected but it put him on the bottom. Jason got a reversal and was in the guard and was trying to work but Eddie was pulling on the cage, which made Ref Herb Dean stand em up. On the restart Jason throw a big right knee and that Eddie caught and took him to the mat where he was able to mount and throw some heavy leather down on Jason but as Jason turned over to defend he got caught in a rear naked choke but at 10 seconds to the end of the round he was able to hold on. Jason throws some heavy leg kicks at the beginning of round 2 but slips in the water on the mat and ends up on the bottom where Eddie was able to pass the guard and work from the side for a key lock. Jason was throwing knees into the back of Eddie and got a warning for it. There was one knee that must have been perfect cause it cut Eddie to the point where they had to stop the match and have the Doc come in a look at it. If it were stopped now it would be by DQ, which is what happened. Eddie wins by DQ due to the illegal knees. Fight #6: Dale McDonald vs. Jason McCoy: McDonald by Choke 1:28 Round 1 Another quick match When both fighters came out swinging hard and fast. Jason got caught and was on the run when Dale was in pursuit when Jason slipped and they ended up against the cage. Dale was just too much and won with a nice KO. Fight #7: Jonah Broad vs. Will Scott: Broad by TKO Round 1 Scott tried for a double leg and gets sprawled on and is able to reverse the position to get the mount and throw some heavy punches on Scott, Broad gets stopped by the ref about a minute and a half into the first round. Fight #8: Jorge Evangelista vs. Frankie Bollinger: Evagelista by TKO Round 1 Jorge gets the takedown right off the start and gets half guard. Jorge gets reversed and he gets it reversed as well. Jorge gets the full mount and throws down on Frankie. Frankie defends and is able to get Jorge off the mount but then he takes side control. Jorge gets knee on belly and rides Frankie and punches him until the ref steps in to stop this bout. Fight #9: Ahmad Hempstead vs. Mark Moreno: Hempsted by Decision Round 2 This match lasted a bit longer, the full two rounds. My hat is off to Mark Moreno who through out the entire match showed all heart and guts. Ahmad started off showing he wanted to stand a bit but then when Mark got close enough he clinched to take it to the mat. Ahmad gets the throw and he ends up in the guard and then to the mount. Mark tries a couple of reversals but can`t shake him off. At one point though Mark does get a reversal only to be reversed again! Mark keeps Ahmad in his guard for the most part but once Ahmad made the move to pass the guard he had to move fast because Mark was making to this feet. Ahmad got the better in the stand up but Mark kept moving. Mark did get the upper hand at one time and when he went for a foot lock and Ahmad escaped and kicked Mark in the face. Ahmad was warned once to not kick a downed fighter but that didn`t seem to stop them as they were stood up at one point and they started to work each other over with some combinations. They both tried to work submissions through out both rounds and in the end of round two Ahmad got the nod from the judges. Fight #10: Josh Gardner vs. Robert Breslin: Gardner by Decision Round 2 Robert came out looking kinda crazy and got punished by Josh as he took him down at will and was able to get knee on belly looking for the mount and when he got there he landed a couple of shots that would make Robert try anything to escape including a couple of elbows that were illegal. (not that Robert was doing it deliberately just that he tried anything to get Josh off him.) Wenever it was standing Josh would take him down and try to work for a submission. The ref stood them up in the second round due to inactivity but it didn`t seem to change much through out the round as Josh would take Robert down work for a submission. His favorite seemed to be a kimura or keylock. There was a of couple times Robert caught Josh with a nice kick to the head that left a lump the size of a fifty cent piece when Robert tried to shot in on him. In the end it was Josh that rightfully won the decision. Fight #11: Erik Apple vs. Chris McMillen: Apple by Choke Round 1 This fight was quick and a bit painless as it found Erik and Chris standing for a second or two in the ring when Erik picked up Chris and Slammed him so hard to the mat that the cage shook. Erik caught Chris in a guillotine and Chris escaped and turned as soon as he did that Erik took his back and gave him the old reliable rear naked choke at about 1:56 of the first round. Fight #12: Anthony Ruiz vs. Richard Toland: Ruiz by choke Round 1 Ruiz and Toland met in the ring with knees and feet flying and toland had to be check right off the bat for a cut but right after it was back to brawling and Toland tried to get it to the ground but got caught in a gullotine choke and lost at about 2:30 in the first round. Fight #13: Chad Washburn vs. Albert Hill: Washburn by Triangle Choke Round 1 I have seen Chad fight before and he gets better and better everytime. This time was no exception. Now Chad came in light for this fight at 140 for the 160 weight class. It didn`t seem to make deference as Chad was taken down and started to work for a submission. He got an armbar and got picked up and slammed twice for the effort. Chad didn`t give up as he was able to secure a triangle. He got picked up and slammed but didn`t let go. At one point it looked like Albert went out and he may have but only the two in the cage know for sure. Albert can`t seem to get out and finally Albert went out and Chad was declared the winner. Fight #14: Brian Sleeman vs. Mansouri Heidari: Sleeman by Split Decision Round 2 I was going to go into great detail for this match but all I can say about it was that there was a lot of stalling, a lot of flipping off and some fighting. Oh and lets not forget the poor sportsmanship from both guys and the fact that this fight was obviously not one that will go on the books as a good thing for either of these guys. When you bring racism into a fight it just plain sucks so Brian won by a split decision after Heidari just seemed to gas out and not want to fight it seemed all he wanted to do was try to ground and pound but all he did was ground while Brian pounded. Fight #15: Joe Stevenson vs. Chuck Kim: Stevenson by Armbar Round 1 This one was so quick I couldn`t even get a shot off. Stevenson came in and took Kim down and gave him and armbar before anyone knew what was happnin. Joe looked great at his new weight and quick as hell. Just a side note about this fight, when Joe caught Chick in the armbar the ref could not see the tap and Joe let go on his own. See sportsmanship! Now could a rematch with Brennan be to far away? Fight# 16: Bao Quach vs. Cole Escovedo: Quatch by Decision Round 2 Well the final fight of the night brought about undefeated fighter Cole Escovedo and Bao Quach. Bao is known for his takedowns and his ability to take and give punishment. Cole hasn`t had his fights last longer than the first round so this was a test for him. Cole jumps to guard where he is obviously more comfortable. Or so I thought in the beginning. Cole started to work for submissions and elevators on Bao but to his credit Boa defended them all. Cole had Boa in his guard where he was happy to do some ground and pound but Cole seemed to not mind being in that position. After a couple minutes Boa tried to pass the guard but when Cole went for a sweep Bao thought better of it and stayed right where he was. It wasn`t until near the end of the first round that it was stood up and Cole threw a big leg kick that was answered by a leg kick from Bao. Bao also threw a couple hard combos towards Cole that had Cole backing up. Cole jumps to guard with about 10 seconds in the first round. In Coles corner you could see his left eye starting to swell a bit and when round two started his eye was almost all the way shut. Cole came out with a big leg kick to Bao`s llower leg and Bao answered again by kicking Cole. Cole jumped to guard when they clinched and started to work again on a submission. Boa tried to throw some punches but had to be careful not to open up to much as to get caught in a submission. Another stand up and another exchange that left Cole open for a takedown by Bao. Cole tried to work but I think he was a bit tired as was Bao. So another stand up and a very heated exchange between the two of these guys and when Cole slipped in the water Bao took advantage of it and followed him to the mat where time ran out. Bao Quatch wins a close decision.

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