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Grappler's Quest West/US Nationals RESULTS

    Sat, 2007-04-14 19:07 — Gumby

    Men's Flyweight (139.9 and under) RESULTS:

    1st round:

    Sonny Nohara (Cobra Kai) over Scott Epstein (10th Planet) 20-0

    Wilson Reis (Godoi JJ) over Darren Uyenonyama (Ralph Gracie) 4-0

    Ricky Lundell (Pedro Sauer) over Johann Perez (Jackson Gaido) Armbar 2:00

    Robson "Robinho" Moura (Nova Uniao) over Ulysses Gomez (Cobra Kai) Knee bar at 3:20

    Semi Finals:

    Wilson Reis over Sonny Nohara (16-0)

    Robson Moura over Ricky Lundell Guillotine choke 2:50


    Robson Moura over Wilson Reis 3:37 Heelhook

    Men's Lightweight (159.9 and under) RESULTS:

    1st Round:
    Steve Rosenberg (Gustavo Dantes) over Jay Hayes (Performance/RGDA) Toe Hold 5:58

    Lucas "Leite" Gomes (Brasa) over Paulo Guillobel (Saulo Riberio) 2-0

    Rani Yahya (OC BJJ) over Joe "Daddy" Stevenson (Cobra Kai) 7-0

    2nd Round:
    Scott Bieri (Cobra Kai) over Ryan Hall (Lloyd Irvin) 4-0

    Bill Cooper (Paragon BJJ) over Steve Rosenberg Kneebar 51 seconds.

    Semi Finals:
    Bill Cooper over Scott Bieri Triangle Choke 1:12

    Lucas "Leite" Gomes over Rani Yahya 8-3

    Lucas "Leite" Gomes over Bill Cooper 6-2

    Men's Middleweight (179.9 and under) RESULTS:

    1st round
    Saulo Ribeiro (Royler Gracie) over Kamal Shalorus (Relson Gracie) Advantages 2-1

    Marcel Louzada (Brasa) over Don Ortega (Santa Fe BJJ) 5-0

    Pablo Popovitch (BJJ Center) over Gary Grate (Charles Gracie) 2-0

    Sean Spangler (Cobra Kai) over Blas Avena (Mica) 2-0

    Semi- Finals
    Saulo Ribeiro over Marcel Louzada 5-0

    Pablo Popovitch over Sean Spangler 2-0

    Pablo Popovitch over Saulo Ribeiro OVERTIME 1 advantage

    Men's Cruiserweight (199.9 and under) Results

    1st round
    Rick Macauley (Balance Studios) over Tim Bond (Renato Magno) Straight ankle lock 32 seconds

    Roberto Alencar (New Mexico BJJ) over Jason Ebarb (Royce Gracie/TPC) Armbar 3:59

    "Nasty Nate" Nathan DuCharme over David Branch (Renzo Gracie) DQ, (Branch walked off the mat when he protested what he felt was a slam by Ducharme to escape the triangle)

    Eduardo Telles (Valente Academy) over Eric Shambari (Cobra Kai) 12-2

    2nd Round:
    Eduardo Telles over Chris Downum (Camarillo BJJ) 5-0

    Semi Finals:
    Rick Macauley over Roberto Alencar Heelhook 1:26
    Eduardo Telles over Nathan DuCharme 2-0

    Rick Macauley over Eduardo Telles 2-0

    Advanced Division Champions:

    Bantamweight (129.9) Ulysess Gomez
    Flyweight (139.9) Matt Sanchez
    Featherweight (149.9) Reynaldo Duarte
    Lightweight (159.9) Cub Swanson
    Welterweight (169.9) Dustin Akbari
    Middleweight (179.9) Kyle Griffin
    Crusierweight (189.9) Eduardo Braga
    Light Heavyweight (199.9) Kyacey Uscola
    Heavyweight (209.9) Ryan Gillespie
    Superweight (210 and over) Jeff Monson

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