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Grappling For Gary Marathon Seminar This Sunday May 26th 10am to 6pm at the Torrance Gracie Academy!

    Wed, 2013-05-22 08:52 — OTM News

     Please come out to help a fellow Martial Artist in need. Gary Quan has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Gary is a long time member of the BJJ & Martial Arts community he is a husband and a father.  


    A full day seminar of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is being offered for the ridiculously low price of $65, $40 if you can only make it for haft a day.  There are 12 Black Belts giving their time and techniques to help raise badly need funds to support Gary and his family.  Please make time to come learn some Jiu Jitsu from  these amazing black belts and help with a great cause.  This is a great chance to play it forward.


    Black Belt Instructors are:

    • Joao Assis
    • Jordan Colins
    • Rey Diogo
    • Caique
    • Pedro Elias
    • Johnny Faria
    • Rener Gracie
    • Ryron Gracie
    • Felicia Oh
    • Cindy Omatsu
    • Jimmy "Wu" Tang
    • Javier Vasquez

    Can you believe that line up for $65?  I think it shoul be about tripple that. 



    As an Ethical Bribe we will be giving away door prizes and raffle items from:


    • On The Mat
    • Built To FIght
    • Lucky Gi


    Gifts and Sponsorship's Also from:


    • Fight Log Media
    • The Gracie Academy
    • Grunt Work Clothing
    • Ouano International 
    • Soulfight


    For more information please email Perry Hauck at or just show up ready to learn and being apart of something great. 



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