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Gumby's Column: SubFighter

    Fri, 2004-09-03 21:16 — Gumby

    On an interview given on ADCC News Page, our friend Ed Clay revealed that he has sold Submission Fighter magazine to a new owner who plans to take it to a very high level.

    On an interview given on ADCC News Page, our friend Ed Clay revealed that he has sold Submission Fighter magazine to a new owner who plans to take it to a very high level. Ed also talks about the mistakes he feels that he feels he made in running the magazine, offers his apologies as well as a few other comments. One thing I can tell you for sure, the magazine did not falter because of Ed's lack of enthusiasm or caring for the magazine. Quite the contrary, Ed would often worry himself sick about the state of the magazine, because he loved it and he loved promoting the sport (whether it was jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, or Mixed Martial Arts). Mistakes were obviously made, and paying customers had a right to be upset, however what I hope people realize before unleashing their full malice is that those of us who choose to work in this field (as writers, webmasters, promoters, fighters, whatever) choose to do so out of a genuine love for the sport because it sure as hell isn't for the money (yet).

    Our sport and everyone involved with it is at a very unique position because of it's size and close knit community. If you had something to tell Bud Selig about baseball, would he respond to you personally? Could you get pointers on your jump shot from Michael Jordan? If you wrote Hugh Hefner a letter, would he take it personally? Do you ge to interact with Nascar drivers? Of course not, and yet in our situation, supporting the greatest sport in the world as far as I'm concerned you have Dana White, President of the UFC responding to fans personally, any novice can visit Rickson Gracie at his academy and learn some pointers from the man himself, most of us editors tend to respond personally to e-mail we recieve and there are plenty of venues to interact with the compeitors and fighters and stars of our sport, most of whom are beyond gracious and appreciative of the support.

    Let's face it, we're all swimming in a much smaller pond, and even a pebble thrown has the potential to cause large ripples. It's a great privledge, but also a great responsibility, if we do love this sport. I know of a great many people that avoid the Internet because of what has been said, and still more who have been driven off, and that's a shame. The internet is one of the greatest bastions of free speech available, I firmly believe that you have the right to say whatever you want, however you want it. But as you take advantage of that great opportunity, do me a favor and ask yourself this: "Am I shedding more heat or more light?"

    This sport isn't going to be Underground forever. Some of us our taking large strides and some of us are making smaller ones to make sure it takes it take its rightful spot and grows as much as it can. Where will you be when it happens?

    I look forward to what the new owners and staff of Submission Fighter Magazine have in store for us, and I also look forward to what Ed Clay has in store for us next.


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