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Hayastan Tourney & Gokor Seminar Charlotte NC

    Mon, 2008-03-24 11:25 — Paul Booe

    The Hayastan returns to Charlotte, NC on June 7, 2008!

    This event will consist of a one day no-gi submission grappling tournament as well as a two day grappling seminar with world champion and trainer of UFC fighters, Gokor Chivichyan.

    This Hayastan Grappling Challenge tournament will be a qualifier for the East Coast Championships to be held later in 2008. There will be divisions for men, women, and children. Skill levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Because this is a qualifier event, you will also earn your HGC Competitor Ranking Points. The HGC Competitor Ranking lists for the 2008 season have already started being compiled and you can see them at . The names that are already listed are from the winners of the Lexington, KY event that was held this past February. After the Charlotte event, we will have all competitors who compete in this event listed and we will award the correct points based on their wins. There is a full explination of the point system at . You can now see who is the #1 ranked based on points within the Hayastan Grappling Challenge tournament circuit. The more Hayastan tournaments that you compete and win at, the more points you will score. Whoever has the highest score for their division will have the #1 seed position. Which means if they attend the championships, they will get the best fights first. (Example: #1 ranked fighter fights last place ranked fighter, #2 ranked fighter fights next to last place ranked fighter, and so on) Every winner of their weight class for male divisions will earn a championship belt for their division in the championship brackets later this year. To qualify for the championship brackets, you must earn points by wins at a qualifier event like this one in June.

    The Gokor Chivichyan seminar as always will be a wealth of knowledge for all skill levels. Gokor has competed and won at many MMA, Judo, Sambo, and Jujitsu championships. He has trained some of the world's top Judo and Sambo players in the world. He has also trained many UFC fighters. His most recent top fighters to come out of his academy are names such as The Ultimate Fighter star, Manvel Gamburyan, as well as the unforgetible antics of Roman Mitichyan, and former student Karo Parisyan.

    This Event will be held in Charlotte, NC for sure and the exact address of the event will be annouced soon.

    Online Registration For this event is availible now at .

    Hope to see you there.
    Paul Booe
    Hayastan Grappling Challenge
    East Coast Coordinator

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