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Helio Gracie 100-Year Celebration

    Wed, 2013-10-16 11:31 — Benjamin Bieker

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     On October 5, 2013 the Gracie Family hosted a very special celebration to honor the 100-year  legacy of Grand Master Helio Gracie. In addition to over 100 dedicated jiu-jitsu practitioners from around the world, amongst those present to pay their respects were Lyoto Machida, Mark Munoz, Brendan Schaub, Jake Ellenberger, Ed O'Neill and many other long-time friends of the Gracie Family!

    The event began with a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu / Philosophy seminar taught by Helio Gracie's Grandchildren. Then, there was a banquet dinner which served one of the Grand Master's favorite meals of all time. The evening ended with the unveiling of a special masterpiece by world renowned painter, Stephen Holland!

    To commemorate 100 Years of Helio Gracie, world renowned painter, Stephen Holland, was commissioned to paint a spectacular piece of the Grand Master. This 4 'x6' original masterpiece was unveiled at the Helio 100 Celebration on October 5th 2013. This painting captures the most iconic image of Helio Gracie, as he stands in front of newspaper articles from his most renowned fights in Brazil. Stephen Holland has painted the most famous sportsmen in the world, including Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, and many more. With this piece, he has captured the spirit of Helio Gracie perfectly.

    Only 100 Prints in Existence
    Not only are these canvas prints of excellent quality, but there are only 100 in existence. Each 25.5"x45" print is individually numbered and signed by the artist, Stephen Holland, in gold ink. It is our hope that these prints make it into the homes of 100 dedicated Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu representatives. 

    Jiu-Jitsu Sponsorships for Children
    In alignment with Helio Gracie's dream of teaching jiu-jitsu to the world, all profits generated by the sale of these prints will go towards hosting self-defense camps for underprivileged children and providing sponsorships for bullying victims Austin McDaniel

    Limited Edition Print 2/100 is safely on display in Rener's living room. To learn more how you can get a your own individually numbered HG 100 painting, click here

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