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Henry Akins Presents a Free Webinar to help the Kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School

    Thu, 2012-12-27 02:14 — Henry Akins

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    A Letter from Rickson Gracie Black Belt Henry Akins.


    Register for the free webinar here.


    My name is Henry Akins and I teach Jiu Jitsu at  Dynamics MMA in los angeles, CA. I trained with Rickson Gracie for over 15 years.  I got my black belt from Rickson in 2004.  


    Training with the man most people think is the greatest JJ master ever was an amazing experience for me. It really changed my life.


    On December 14th the lives of many young children were changed for ever.  It was awful and we all want to help. 


    As a member of the BJJ community I am offering to share some of the amazing hidden Jiu Jitsu techniques I learned in my 15 years of training with Rickson.   


    These are details that make JJ like magic, no one has ever shown live in a webiar before. 


    In return All I Ask for is you make a small donation to help the children of Sandy Hook.  It is basically a trade. I will show you some amazing techniques, people pay me $300 an hour to learn. 


    And, thats not all I am going to give you. I am asking 9 of my Black Belt friends to come down and show some of their favorite JJ techniques too. 


    Basically you will be getting a private lesson with Q & A for 10 top black belts for FREE.  All I am asking in return is that you make a small donation to Help the kids of Sandy Hook out.


    Click here reserve your space on the webinar. 

    The webinar is on Sunday December 30th, 2012 at 1:00 Pm PST. The Webinar is 100% Free. If you can please make a donation. 

    Thank you

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