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Interview with Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza

    Tue, 2004-09-07 08:24 — OntheMat

    Black Belt Sensation and Mundial Absolute Champ

    OTM - How did he get everyone to lean over so much so he could flying Triangle them at the pan ams?

    Jaca - "I just used the momentum of the fight to get my opponent into position and tred the move and it worked. I train everything and I train all the time. I train for submission. When I feel the guy stretch the arm, I just jump and try the move."

    OTM - How did having a Judo instructor for a teacher affect your Jiu Jitsu game?

    Jaca - "Judo gave me more skill for movement while standing. I train a lot of standing throws. But my teacher is a black belt in both Judo and BJJ so my training includes a combination of both."

    OTM -Tell us about the Jiu Jitsu scene in Manaus?

    Jaca - "In Manaus, BJJ is like soccer - the government of Manaus helps organize tournaments and helps to teach people that don't have a lot of money. Everyone does jiu-jitsu like everyone plays soccer."

    OTM- Where he gets his best training: Rio, Manaus, or Sao Paulo?

    Jaca: "I never trained BJJ in Rio or Sao Paulo - only in Manaus. Everywhere you can get great training, but I never needed to go anywhere else to train. I train with Bigode and everyone at my school."

    OTM - How do you feel about the new split in the team and why did you choose to stay?

    Jaca - "I don't know the details of what happened regarding the split. I was sad that our team had to split but I just followed my teacher."

    OTM - How did you get started in BJJ?

    Jaca - "I started when I was 17. My older brother had paid for training, but he got sick. I asked him if I could take his place and he said yes. I loved BJJ from the very beginning. My brother never came back to train. But, my younger brother is a blue belt and a champion."

    OTM - Do you like training with out the gi? There are a lot of new no gi events in Brazil like Campos. Will you be fighting in any of them?

    Jaca - "I like to train with the gi and without the gi. I won the selective last year in Brazil to qualify for Abu Dhabi. Then, I had a great fight with Cachorrao at last year's Adu Dhabi. Because of this fight I have an open invitation to fight in next year's Abu Dhabi. I won't be fighting in Campos because I live in Manaus. I like no-gi fights - i just like to fight."

    OTM - When is he coming back to USA? We want to take you out partying!

    Jaca - "I want to come back to the USA as soon as possible. I like it here!"

    Thanks Jaca! See you in Brazil.

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