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    Thu, 2005-06-16 02:26 — Vacirca

    We would like to congratulate all the Vacirca Team Europe affiliate members for their success during the Italian Open 2005:

    Michele Cenere (Lynx Academy Varese)
    Marco Dombach (Dino Team Berlin)
    Micha Lesse (Dino Team Berlin)
    Lars Frutig (Dino Team Berlin)
    Mario Scheffler (Dino Team Berlin)
    …and to the coaches Fabrizio, André and Daniel - and all other athletes!

    Here the report from the promoter:

    Saturday 11th of June 2005 the city of Gavirate, in Varese`s province, has host the 6th edition of the International Italian Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Never as this edition has the championship seen such a high public and participants, with athletes coming from Germany, Switzerland, United States, and France and from many Italian cities. A high number of athletes contributed to a competition of high technical standard, full of emotions and surprises.

    Starting from the "Beginners" division, the 67kg category saw the clear domination of the Fabricio Nascimento Team that managed to gain 1st and 2nd place with Marzachi and Migovan. Bronze medal for the athlete of the Lynx Academy Varese Michele Cenere.

    The crowded 73 kg category gave place to a very lively tournament in which the athlete of the Tribe JJ Millo eventually conquered the gold medal. He won the final against the equally valid German competitor of the Dino Team Marco Dombach. The 3rd place for another athlete of the Tribe JJ Cristian Bianco.

    The 79 kg category was also crowded and saw the victory of Frontino, fighter of Fabricio Nascimento Team, who in the final managed to beat Tirelli, of the Tribe JJ Team. The bronze medal went to Meneguzzo, member of the Fabricio Nascimento Team.

    In the 85 kg category easy victory of the American fighter of Fabricio Nascimento Team Massey who beat in the final Moriconi (Gracie-Barra Italia).The 3rd place for Frizzi (Tribe JJ).

    In the over 85 kg category a well deserved victory for the ‘not so young` athlete Scurtegana of the Fabricio Nascimento Team who managed to defeat a number of strong athletes much younger than him! Bennati (Tribe JJ) reached the 2nd place and Micha Lesse (Dino Team) the 3rd place.

    In the "Advance" division the emotions were many and the entertainment was big:
    In the lightest category of 67kg great demonstration of technique and power in the final between Pennese (Tribe JJ) and Massimo Garavaglia (Milanimal JJ) respectively 1st and 2nd. Garavaglia in the semi-final surprisingly beat before the end of the match the strong Brazilian of the Fabricio Nascimento Team Leandro Dos Santos, who won the bronze medal.

    High standard of matches even in the 73 kg category, won by Andrea Baggio, coach and athlete of the Milanimal JJ, who beat in the final Andrea Cocco of the Genova Jiu-Jitsu. The 3rd place for the fighter of the Fabricio Nascimento Team Carlos Carrasco.

    But the highlight of the championship was definitely the 85 kg category. In the qualifying matched the French athlete of the Gracie-Barra France, Samuel Monin beat in a much contested match the more experienced and favourite fighter Fabricio Nascimento. Despite the lively protests of the team against the referees, the victory went to Monin who managed to control the fight in a very intelligent and powerful way.

    But the best performance of this category and, in my opinion, of the entire tournament was Luca Palatini (Kodokan Varese). He beat all his opponents with spectacular and efficient techniques. In the semi-final he beat with a juji-gatame Monin and in the final, against the over French athlete Salvadori, he did a spectacular throw in yoko-tomoe followed by a ‘flying` juji-gatame. At this point public and athletes did a standing ovation for Palatini who has been the indisputable leader of the last 3 editions of the International Italian Open.

    In the over 85 kg category the victory went to Lars Frutig of the Dino Team who beat the great Freddy Linhares and his team mate Mario Scheffler.

    The fights for the "Assoluto" title interested the last hour of the championships. Fast redemption by Fabricio Nascimento who beat in the final Salvadori. Bronze medal for another athlete of the Fabricio Nascimento Team, Leonardo Dos Santos, who despite his 65 kg of weight demonstrated skills and power against heavier opponents.

    Thanks to the two referees, the masters Rodolfo Amaro and Federico Tisi who did a great job in such a delicate position!! Thanks a lot! I also would like to thank for the indispensable collaboration Paola Prestinoni, who managed all the Media and Sponsors relations, all the members of the Lynx Academy who took care of all the logistics, and the two sponsors without which this event would not have been such a success: Fightordie and the Vacirca Academy of Zurich (especially Franco Vacirca). Thanks to all the athletes and we are hoping to see you the 10th of June 2006 for another exciting edition of the International Italian Open!


    67 KG 1 Marzachi
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team) Pennese
    (Tribe JJ)
    2 Migovan
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team) Garavaglia
    (Milanimal JJ)
    3 Cenere
    (Lynx Academy) Dos Santos
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)
    73 kg 1 Millo
    (Tribe JJ) Baggio
    (Milanimal JJ)
    2 Dombach
    (Dino Team) Cocco
    (Genova Jiu Jitsu)
    3 Bianco
    (Tribe JJ) Carrasco
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)
    79 kg 1 Frontino
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)
    2 Tirelli
    (Tribe JJ)
    3 Meneguzzo
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)
    85 kg 1 Massey
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team) Palatini
    (Kodokan Varese)
    2 Moriconi
    (Gracie Barra Italia) Salvadori
    (Gracie Barra Francia)
    3 Frizzi
    (Tribe JJ) Monin
    (Gracie Barra Francia)
    Over 85 kg 1 Scurtegana
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team) Frutig
    (Dino Team)
    2 Bennati
    (Tribe JJ) Linhares
    (Gracie Barra Italia)
    3 Lesse
    (Dino Team) Scheffler
    (Dino Team)
    1 Fabricio Nascimento
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)
    2 Manuel Salvadori
    (Gracie Barra Francia)
    3 Leonardo Dos Santos
    (Fabricio Nascimento Team)

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