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Jacare, Cachorrão, and Cyborg added to roster of free seminars at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo

    Mon, 2012-04-23 05:45 — Bevois

    LONG BEACH, California — Two weeks ago, the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo announced that Nick Diaz and Braulio Estima will be competing in a no-gi superfight at their inaugural event next month in southern California.

    The World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California, will be the stage for all things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    In addition to the Diaz vs. Estima superfight, the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo also partnered with the IBJJF to host a tournament, which is the IBJJF's first-ever Long Beach Spring International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

    The event president Renzo Gracie has also helped organize a line-up of Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Grappling seminars that fans will also be able to attend for free at the Expo. The roster of stars previously announced, included Roger Gracie, Robert Drysdale, Rodrigo Comprido, and Andre Galvão.

    Over the weekend, the promoters announced that three more Jiu-Jitsu superstars will be there to teach free seminars as well. The three black belt seminars added to the schedule of festivities will be taught by Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza, Ricardo "Cachorrão" Almeida, and Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.

    In what will be an unforgettable Festival of Jiu-Jitsu, gentle art aficionados in attendance will also be able to network with some of the biggest companies in the business, buy and sell the best BJJ gear on the market at various vendor booths, attend autograph sessions, and engage in Q & A segments with some of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    To get more information on the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, visit their official website: World Jiu-Jitsu Expo.

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