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Jeff Monson's 69 Choke

    Tue, 2007-07-24 07:46 — OntheMat

    We've lined up four sample videos from four of our latest offering at the OTM Store. Available online or in the OTM Fight Shops! Stay tuned for more! Part 2 of 4

    We've lined up four sample videos from four of our latest offering at the OTM Store. Available online or in the OTM Fight Shops! Keep checking back as we add more great video content! (You need Quicktime to view these clips, links are all to the right) The second Clip is Jeff Monson demonstrating the 69 choke. Jeff Monson is one of the most accomplished (and prolific) competitors around, being very active on both the MMA and Submission Grappling Circuits. Here from his new instructional video, Jeff demonstrates the submission he has finished the majority of his matches with, the 69 choke. Veteran UFC fighters and Submission Fighting Experts Jeff Monson and Dennis Hallman, in conjunction with proudly present the Jiu Jitsu Cookbook! Jeff Monson and Dennis Hallman break down their games and show you what has been effective for them, including their philosophies on the Top Game, Bottom Game and Back Control. They will share with you the little details that make these positions effective for them in real world situations and have been combat tested over and over again! This DVD also contains 25 submissions and drills not seen before on an DVD instructional series, including the Hopscotch series, the Howdy series, and Jeff's infamous 69 choke. Nearly 40 chapters and techniques on this DVD in all! Jeff Monson is considered one of the top heavyweights in the world right now, having earned a UFC Heavyweight Title shot and recently represented the UFC in the first official head to head match up against Pride. Jeff also earned OTM Submission Grappler of the Year honors in 2004 and is a multiple time ADCC Champion. Dennis Hallman is one of the true pioneers of bringing submission into MMA with a career spanning over 10 years! Along the way Dennis has fought (and more importantly) defeated some of the most significant names in the game.

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