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Jiu Jitsu Battle 2

    Tue, 2013-03-26 12:11 — Gumby

     Los Angeles, CA - March 20th, 2013 - WANT VS NEED are excited to present their 16-athlete competition event, “Jiu Jitsu Battle II,” taking place March 30th, 2013, from 9:00 am- 6:00 pm, at art and event venue, Graffiti House LA.

    As a second installment of their extremely successful, “Jiu-Jitsu Battle,” this competition focuses on non-black belt athletes exclusively to encourage and maintain an elite level of competition amongst these notoriously under-recognized athletes.


    Jiu Jitsu Battle II” is a competition that showcases athletes in both Blue-belt and Purple-belt divisions. The 16 athletes have earned their way to this competition through preliminary competitions or have been hand-selected by top-ranking athletes to compete. The tournament will be submission-only and will comply with standard International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation rules. 

    “Our hope is to shine a brighter light on these individuals to aid in further developing not only their Jiu Jitsu careers but a model life,” says WANT VS NEED event coordinator.


    When:       March 30th 2013

    Location: Graffiti House LA

                     310 North Madison Avenue

                     Los Angeles, CA. 90004




    NAMES                 TEAM

    Isaac Doederlien      Cobrinha - Alliance Los Angeles

    Rick Slomba             Team ATOS - Mendes Bros

    Silvio Duran              Team Checkmat Brazil - Cavaca

    Zata Toscano            Team Alliance New York

    Gabriel Arges           Team Gracie Barra

    Jeremy Spry             Team Undisputed - Baret Yoshida

    Ostap Manastyrski    Team Open Mat

    Manny Moreno         Team Cia Paulista


    NAMES               TEAM

    Ian Sanders           Team Gracie Barra

    Jeremy Jackson     Team Gracie Barra

    Thomas Keenan     Team Nova Uniao

    Brandon Walker      Team Nova Uniao

    Richard Alvarez       Team Checkmat USA

    Brian Lim                Team A-TEAM - Checkmat

    Garrett Weaver       Team Cobrinna - Alliance Los Angeles

    Nick Borbon            Team Heroes Martial Arts


    About WANT VS NEED

    WANT VS NEED is a photography and film company whose purpose is to provide ardent individuals the opportunity to progress creativity and forms through their work alongside a vehicle for others to experience it. In particular, we pursue and support those capable of sublime work yet are short of resources and/or sufficient exposure.


    About Fit-Nex

    Fit-Nex is located in Southern California. Our trainers will provide injury prevention/pre and rehabilitation, performance enhancement, as our foundation. Using the CK-FMS (Functional Movement Specialist), and also NIS (Neuromuscular Intensification System) and I currently am the only trainer in the world with both certifications


    About Graffiti House LA

    Graffiti House LA is a venue for graffiti and street artists of all kinds to showcase their talents, connect with potential clients, and gain exposure in the Los Angeles art-scene. Located in Silverlake, Calif., Graffiti House LA offers over 11,000 sq. ft., which provides the space necessary for quality exhibitions and crowd-pleasing events. The goal of Graffiti House LA is to be a platform for artists both established and up-and-coming, and to be a premier destination for art-related events in Los Angeles.


    About Moskova

    Originating in Europe, Moskova is an underwear brand created in 2009 by a trio of world class pro surfers--Miky Picon, Jeremy Flores and Patrick Beven. Developed with their friends and training partners from Brazil and the North Shore of Oahu, the Moskova brand is inspired by the attitude, passion, discipline and dedication of each athlete's respective sport and lifestyle


    Moskova is all about blending performance with premium technology and style, creating a unique brand born in the minds of core athletes who live out their dreams every day. 


    The Shoyoroll Brand was started by a group of friends from the islands (GUAM) , who relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1999 to pursue a dream. The name SHOYOROLL name derived from three words “SHOw YOur ROLL”, which was a term used for Grappling and Locals. In the beginning it started as a small brand making just t-shirts and stickers in the summer of 2000 out of the garage. Today, Shoyoroll Brand produces a wide array of products from cool fresh looking t-shirts to our popular premier fine fitted kimonos.

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