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Junie in trouble again! Phuket police hunt 'Lunatic' brawling American who fought in emergency ward

    Tue, 2011-12-13 12:07 — News

    PHUKET: Police have mounted a Phuket-wide hunt for an American man who started one brawl in a Phuket bar then continued it in the emergency treatment ward at Patong Hospital.

    Authorities at Phuket International Airport are on the alert for the man.

    Police have named the suspect they wish to interview as Allen Browning, 26, a Thai boxer who fled into the night on Sunday in Patong and has not bee seen since.

    Earlier in the night, Mr Browning allegedly was seen beating up on an expat woman in a bar in Patak Road Karon. He also lashed out at Thai female staff when they tried to intervene, police said.

    Four other tourists from Australia and the US also attempted to intervene but Mr Browning lashed out at them, too, police said. The brawling continued when all the participants were taken for treatment at Patong Hospital.

    Police have named the others involved in the brawl as Younis Essamelain, 27, Gear Smits, 68, Simon Wilson Menzies, 32, and Castro Mury, 32. An expat woman also accompanied the men to Patong Hospital.

    An officer at Chalong Police Station said that Mr Browning started fighting in the hospital but had fled by the time police from Patong arrived.

    Police believe Mr. Browning has been a participant in Thai boxing performances in Sweden.

    British Thai boxer Lee Aldhouse is currently appealing against extradition to Thailand to face a charge that he murdered another Thai boxer, American Dashawn Longfellow, on Phuket in September, 2010.


    Wikipedia says Junie Allen ''The Lunatic'' Browning was born in Florida and raised in Kentucky. Browning was a fighter on 'The Ultimate Fighter' reality show but struggled with his anger management, according to the entry. He was warned twice for actions on the show due to his alcoholism and anger problems. The ''American mixed martial artist'' also has a Facebook page where he is pictures with a bull terrier puppy.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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