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living at connection rio. 25th march thursday 2010

    Fri, 2010-03-26 12:39 — mad jack the hat

    today is a lil bit different for me as i have to go to botofogo for a MRI, i wake up around 7am to make a pact lunch for the day that consists of a USA import snickers (thanks mike)  5ltr water bottle and a tuperware box of mince rice broccili and tomato pure. Dennis calls to maks sure i know were im going and a little last minute advice on were to get on and off the buss at. on the way there i meet a very interesting german/brazillian old woman who gives me some finner details of were to go and talks to me about how she would run brazil very sweet. Off the bus and 3 phone calls to dennis later and im in the doc's there quick to get me in and all seem to know dennis when i flashed the CONNECTION RIO CARD the MRI took 20 mins and i get the results on wednesday. On the bus home i find my self sitting next to a cute, what i thought was a torist, after chatting to her i found out she is infact a local, and we was talking about troubles as a white person in brazil, we exchanged e-mail adresses and i took the walk back to the HQ in time for dennis's class.
    Everyone turned up for class except john mac he was ''ooot' sight seeing at sugar loaf, we drilled alot of far side armbars and knee on belly stuff, at the end me and mike helped cadu with some MMA sparring.
    i pretty much slept untill the evening class were through my tiredness i pushed through the late class with gordo doing side control and north south drills and submissions, straight after we done our daily routine chin ups dips and pushups at the park. then bed.
    this week everyone has trained really hard sticking to there goals as good as possible and we are all having a well deserved break stay tunned for the weekends blog on monday tchau
    mad jack magee
    if it aint mad it aint jack


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    getting shit done in rio

    Man you dont know how lucky you are to have Denis there.  Dude when i 1st got there it was hell getting shit done.  I had to only go to the Dr twice there.  Once when i broke my ribs. That was a night mare. I later found out that i had broke my back too but they never xrayed it.  so who knew. brazil man.
    the other time i went cause Gholar had a brain anurism.  man that hospital was scary.  public health care is no joke in brazil. hope we do better here in the usa.

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    mad jack the hat's picture

    i agree

    dennis is a saint for forigners in brazil
    scotty i was here wen u was i think we meet a few times

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