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Living at Connection Rio - HQ Update May 3, 2010

    Mon, 2010-05-03 18:06 — mad jack the hat

    Ok so a few new people in the house adam kiely and jim hodges both from the uk and here for about 3 weeks and keen to train, we took them for a day down the beach to view the women and pepe beach. training has been pretty relaxed this week as we trained hard for the last comp. for news on me i have just recived sponcership for my up and comming fight on jungle fight in august from Pride Fight Wear and have interest from a few other companies also my thai boxing classes are picking up 4 students so far. im starting my training hard next week after dave mugatu and mike the tank leave and look forward to maybe training at jose aldo's camp aswell. as its my last week of eating bad and drinking and it is dave and mikes last week of brazil we decided to go to ben emery's (bing) for a BBQ we got through 1kg of pork 8 steaks 20 sausages a bowl of belguim potatoes a chocolate cake salad bowl and 2 crates of beer and then decided it would be a good idea to go skinny dipping at the beach were the water was not calm add my face book page to see the pics.
    mad jack the hat magee
    ''if it aint mad it aint jack''
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