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Marisol Romero from 2010 Worlds No-Gi

    Sun, 2010-11-14 16:26 — Robert Drysdale

    Hello, my name is Marisol Romero. I am 13 year
old female. I am an orange belt in BJJ. I’ve been training since late
August of 2008. I now train under Robert Drysdale in Las Vegas, Nevada. I
train 5-7 days a week and 2-5 hours a day. I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu,
Muay Thai, Boxing, and Kali. I train my BJJ with Robert Drysdale, and my
boxing with both Gil Martinez and Carlos Ruffulo. I’m looking to get into
wrestling. My dream is to be a Pro MMA Fighter.

    When my career started out, it wasn’t thought of as a career. It was all a
hobby. Everyone at the gym and also my family noticed I progressed
really fast. I soon became quite well at what I do. It wasn’t till later
that I switched gyms to train with Robert Drysdale that I thought of these
arts as a career. I was beyond amazed at all of these moves I had
never seen or even heard of. At that time I had given up my Muay Thai
for my Jiu-Jitsu, because the gym had just started out and only had
jiu-jitsu. I trained with jiu-jitsu phenom, Michelle Nicolini personally.
Top black belts from all over the world have come in the gym and given me
advice on what’s going to improve my game. I now work with Robert Drysdale,
Sophia McDermott, and Sonny Nohara on a daily basis.

    I want to thank all of my sponsors for everything they’ve done for me.
I want to thank my first sponsor, Scott Bieri from OTM Fight Shop.
I want to thank Chris and Alicia Irwin from The Gun Store here in Las Vegas.
I want to thank Jacob and Elisabeth from FightChix.
I want to thank Pedro Dos Santos from FightersU.
I want to thank Dr. Denny Dumler from Valley Spine
as well as Jerry from
Also, and last, but not least, I want to thank Beatdown.


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